Mushoku Tensei II: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 16) – Norn and Aisha

Mushoku Tensei II Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Title

Ruijerd has brought Norn and Aisha to live with Rudeus while their father tries to rescue their mother. This is an adventure, unlike anything Rudeus has experienced before, in this life or the prior one!

Mushoku Tensei II: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 16) – Norn and Aisha

What happened?

Ruijerd and Rudeus spend a bit of time catching up on each other’s lives. Of course, Ruijerd wants to know what happened with Eris and when Rudeus tells him that she said they weren’t a good match, he cautions Rudeus that he may have misunderstood her. She was never good with words. If they do meet again, he should listen to her and hopefully then he will understand the full story. Ruijerd then told Rudeus that he met Roxy with Paul and that she was terrified of him. The next day, Ruijerd left, leaving Aisha and Norn in Rudeus and Sylphie’s care.

Paul sent a chest full of gold and jewels along with some letters for Rudeus. He hoped that Rudeus would put them in school. However, Aisha wants to become his maid and Norn is struggling to come to terms with the change in her life. Rudeus asks them both to take the entrance exam for the University of Magic and their results will inform him of what to do next. Aisha aced her exam but still wants to be his maid, so, after talking it over with Sylphie, Rudeus agrees to let her follow her heart. They could use the help and there’s always the chance she decides to go to school in the future.

Norn, who scored slightly below average, wants to live in the dorms at the school. Rudeus realises that he could say no, but that won’t help anyone. So, he agrees to let her live there providing she follows a number of rules. Aisha thinks that Norn is getting preferential treatment because she is Rudeus’ full sister, unlike Aisha. However, Rudeus reassures her that she is as much a sister to him as Norn. Back at school, Linia and Pursena notice that Rudeus is feeling down and decide to do something to cheer him up…

What did you think?

This episode might have been about Norn and Aisha, but without Linia and Pursena it would have been a far less entertaining affair. I had to laugh when Luke stopped Rudeus in the hallway as he was trying to guess what was in the bag they gave him. Turns out it was a bag full of panties that they had forced a number of the students to remove. I love those two. They are hilarious and ever so slightly unhinged. Anyhow, that led to a rather uncomfortable meeting with Princess Ariel where Rudeus worked out what must be in the bag.

However, without that scenario, this would have been a remarkably slow episode. This is what I was concerned about in the last episode. Rather than hurrying off on another adventure, Rudeus is now playing happy families with his new wife and two “daughters”. Ruijerd had the right idea. Stop for a night and then back on the road where adventure awaits. I can’t complain about the character development as this all shows how much Rudeus has grown, however, we’re still in the school. Something has got to happen to shake things up. My guess is that Nanahoshi’s experiments go wrong and create another teleportation disaster… I can dream!

Mushoku Tensei II Jobless Reincarnation Episode 16 Ruijerd leaves

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Series Information

English TitleMushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Japanese TitleMushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
ReleasedSeason 1
Part 1: Winter 2021
Part 2: Fall 2021
Season 2
Part 1: Summer 2023
Part 2: Spring 2024
EpisodesSeason 1
Part 1: 11
Part 2: 12 + OVA
Season 2
Part 1: OVA + 12
Part 2: 12
Animation StudiosStudio Bind
GenresActionComedyEcchi, FantasyIsekaiMagic

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  1. I love the instant about-face in Linia and Pursena’s attitude towards Norn. “We should put her in her place.” “That’s my little sister.” “I LIKE THAT SHE HAS SPIRIT!” And the warning, which he has very good reason to give now, that they not do anything behind his back either. They know not to make him angry, but a little reminder of their well-founded fear of him can work wonders, LOL.

    • Yeah, that was pretty funny. Who knows what they would have done if he hadn’t told them she was his sister?

      I still can’t believe they collected a bag full of panties and not by stealing them from someone’s room!

  2. How I long for a little bit of action. I agree. Without the unconventional panty raid, I’m not quite sure how much I would have liked the episode. I can appreciate the character development, but I am ready for the show to move on. Another mass teleportation event? We could always hope. This slice of life is draining my will to live. Okay. Not that dramatic. But, pretty close.

    • My biggest issue is that all of this development could have been done while keeping the adventure going. We’ve been sitting around for years now waiting for something to happen. How long has it been since the event? Five years? Maybe more? His mother is still missing! There’s no urgency. The stakes are there but no one seems to want to respond to them.

What did you think?