Mushoku Tensei II: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 19) – Desert Journey

Mushoku Tensei II Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Title

Rudeus has decided to make the trip to save his mother. Thankfully, Elinalise is coming with him and everyone is prepared to look after Sylphie while they’re gone. Nanahoshi has even given him a faster way to travel.

Mushoku Tensei II: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 19) – Desert Journey

What happened?

It wasn’t an easy decision, but he knew he had to do it after telling Norn he would. However, he was worried that Sylphie would try to stop him and that he’d instantly cave under the pressure. While she was concerned about him going, she was sure that it was the right thing to do. She would be fine with everyone else around her and his family needed him more than ever. Elinalise promised to look after Rudeus. Cliff asked her to marry him when they returned. Thankfully, the potential two-year journey had been shortened to only a couple of months because Nanahoshi gave Rudeus a map of teleportation circles and there was one that would get them close to the labyrinth.

Armed with a couple of books and Elinalise, Rudeus set off and quickly found the first teleportation circle. They double-checked everything, but they wouldn’t know if it worked until they tried it. It appeared to work. Elinalise went back through to test that it would return them home. It took a little while for her to come back, but she did, so that was a relief. Now, they just needed to travel across the desert for about a month before they reached their destination. The first evening, Rudeus felt peculiar and almost made a move on Elinalise while she slept. He went outside to clear his head and found a beautiful lady beckoning him closer. Elinalise saved him from the succubus at the last second, although it took a while for its powers to fade. During that time, Rudeus said “Let’s get dirty!” much to Elinalise’s amusement.

It was several more weeks of trekking across the desert, fighting giant scorpions, and navigating sandstorms before they reached the mountains. However, as they tried to cross the mountains, they were attacked by a pair of Gryphons. They split up and fought them separately. Rudeus made quick work of his and then helped Elinalise who pinned it to the ground so he could hit it. After that, it was an easy walk down to the Labyrinth Cit of Rapan where they hoped to find Paul and his party.

What did you think?

Finally, we’re back on an adventure. It was long overdue but it was such a good feeling to see amazing new sights and face new monsters. That’s the big appeal of fantasy adventures to me. There’s nothing quite like seeing these wonderfully interesting cities like Rapan which appears to be built inside a giant skeleton. It reminded me of the first time we saw the city in the Demon Continent which was inside a crater with a giant crystal at its heart. The episode felt more natural too. There was no school drama, just two adventurers on the road fighting monsters and eating roasted meat around a campfire.

I was so glad that Nanahoshi was able to shorten the trip as that’s going to change things immensely even if it means missing out on two years of adventuring. Did you notice the outfit that Rudeus found in the Teleportation Circle on the Begaritt Continent? It looked awfully like Orsted’s clothes. I wonder how long before we bump into him. I have a feeling he might not be too happy about Rudeus using the Teleportation circles as there was clearly some dragon magic used to protect them. I’m really excited to see where this season goes now that we’ve left the school setting behind. We spent far too long there and things were starting to feel a little stale. Nothing like an adventure to freshen things up!

Mushoku Tensei II Jobless Reincarnation Episode 19 Rudeus unseals a hidden location

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English TitleMushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Japanese TitleMushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
GenresActionComedyEcchi, FantasyIsekaiMagic


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  1. Finally! Some movement. I was so happy that Rudy is back on the road doing what Rudy do. I’m looking forward to the obstacles he will encounter on his adventure. I did laugh pretty hard at the “Let’s get dirty” comment. That whole scene cracked me up.

    • Agreed. As much as I enjoy this series, it’s been painfully slow for a while now. This is definitely the kick in the pants that it needs.

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