The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (Volume 1) – Unlimited Power and infinite Mercy

The Saints Magic Power Is Omnipotent Volume 1 Cover

Sei was summoned to another world along with another girl. However, the prince completely ignored her, leaving her to her own devices. Luckily, she found something to occupy her time.

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (Volume 1) – Unlimited Power and infinite Mercy

What happened?

It was just another busy day at the office for Sei Takanashi. She returned home to her empty apartment and was suddenly transported to a new world. There were cheers all around, well except Sei and another girl that had appeared too. The prince stormed into the room and welcomed the other girl. He led her away completely ignoring Sei. She was furious. Mostly because of the inconvenience, but also the slight. She demanded to be sent home, however, that didn’t seem to be a possibility.

After a couple of weeks cooped up in her room, she went outside and found a lush garden. A researcher spotted her and asked her if she wanted to know more about the plants. She did. Over the next couple of weeks, Jude told her everything about the plants and the research institute he worked for. Sei asked if she could live there as she was wasting an hour a day walking back and forth. The director, Johan Valdec was keen to have her join as a researcher too.

Once there, Sei learnt about magic and how to create potions. However, her potions were fifty percent more powerful and as such couldn’t be sold anywhere. Well, that was until the knights encountered a salamander and suffered horrendous casualties. Sei’s potions saved every one of them, including the commander, Albert Hawke who was close to death. To thank Sei, Johan asked her if there was anything she wanted. She asked for a kitchen as the food there wasn’t good. She then showed them how to cook with herbs too which resulted in yet more increases in powers.

The Saints Magic Power Is Omnipotent Volume 1 Sei Takanashi summoned to a new world

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this one. Sei’s reaction to being isekaied was amazing and I loved her pouty face when everyone else was trying to fix the slight the prince had caused. She was summoned as a saint after all. I liked the way she was using her knowledge to complement the knowledge in that world, especially how her influences in the cooking department were making big changes.

It feels like this could end up as a reverse harem with so many good-looking guys hanging around, however, Sei only seems to have eyes for Albert Hawke. Either way, there promises to be some romance to go with the interesting applications of herbology. It was definitely an easy-going read and while I would have liked to see a little more action, I can’t complain.

I also loved the artwork throughout, particularly the cover and chapter titles. All in all, this was a great read and I’m looking forward to the next one. Luckily, I haven’t come up against any titles that have bothered me yet. Hopefully, that won’t change, although I could end up reading everything if that continues. Oh well!

The Saints Magic Power Is Omnipotent Volume 1 Sei Takanashi

Volume highlights

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  1. This female-oriented isekai is one of those series where its anime adaptation has defied my zero expectations mindset. Yes, I didn’t have any expectations given my watching experience of several shoujo anime adaptations was filled with disappointments, particularly the reverse harem, which is prominent in the Otome game subgenre, and where the female protagonist is surrounded with many, many handsome-looking men. Possibly due to me being an ace or demiaro (though I was unaware of these existing terms back in early 2010s) or that I dislike stories that romanticised superficial wish fulfilling elements to the max.

    Good news is that this series isn’t a reverse harem at all as the other male characters have a platonic friendship with Sei. Of course my review on this series is only based on watching the anime’s first season. Planning to rewatch once airdate for new season is revealed.

    While this is the case where Sei is nonetheless a self-insert protagonist, her writing of character development feels natural, if not don’t exude superficiality given the fact there’s a generalised presumption that any shojo/josei series starring a female protagonist involves the “getting a happy ending with male lead” route.

    Saint’s Omnipotent Magic is one of those rare shojosei, what more slow life-themed isekai series that subverts that presumptions with Sei’s determined decision to start her potion business in this foreign world. I wish to have the hardcopies of the LN or the manga someday.

    • I just read volume two and while I was having a good laugh about all the good-looking men that surround Sei, it’s no different to a male protagonist being surrounded by beautiful women. I think one of the noticeable differences is that Sei isn’t driven by that fact.

      Sure, I think she likes Albert Hawke, but that doesn’t motivate her to do everything else she’s doing. I like how open to exploring and learning about the world. It makes all of her advancements feel deserved rather than just screaming and getting more power just because.

      I’m really enjoying the manga and will definitely look into the anime, although I’ll probably wait until the end of season two so I can binge the lot.

What did you think?