Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 7) – Star Armor

Armor Shop for Ladies Gentlemen Title

Narden tells Kautz a story from his youth and how he had been a mage in training until he met a Sexy Knight who taught him in her sexy ways. Now, he hopes to make the legendary Armor of Truth!

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 7) – Star Armor

What happened?

Young Narden had been busy practising his magic when he found a Sexy Knight sleeping in his training area. He asked her to move, but she offered to train with him. This was no joke, he was a serious mage. What could she hope to teach him? He tried to use all of his most powerful magic, but it was useless against her boob jiggle, arched back, or the delicate curve of her breasts. Instantly, he knew what he had to do.

So, Narden became Rose Roye’s apprentice and studied her sexy ways. He had learnt all that she could teach him and told him her true desire was to find the legendary Armor of Truth. The next day, she vanished without a trace. Young Narden went out into the world in search of his sexy master, but one day found an old run-down shop and decided to make the legendary armour of truth himself. Kautz was enthralled by the tale, but then Narden told him it was all a lie…

Armor Shop for Ladies Gentlemen Episode 7 Rose Roye Sexy Knight

What did you think?

So, normally, I hate when a story shows us something and then reveals that none of it was true, but for a four-minute episode featuring Rose Roye and her sexy fighting techniques, I’m going to allow it. Not to mention that this episode was absolutely ridiculous and pretty funny. I certainly wasn’t expecting an episode like this.

Armor Shop for Ladies Gentlemen Episode 7 After Rose Roye Sexy Knight disappeared Narden searched for his purpose

Episode highlights

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