To Your Eternity (Volume 2) – Those Who Accompany You

To Your Eternity Volume 2 Cover

Fushi has been captured along with March and Parona. The people responsible for the tradition of sacrificing a young girl to Oniguma, who has also been captured are taking them to their city. They have plans for Fushi!

To Your Eternity (Volume 2) – Those Who Accompany You

What happened?

The entity had saved March from the Oniguma but was captured along with March and Parona. They were being taken to Yanome and would never be able to return home. The injured Oniguma had been brought too. It turns out the Yanome have been using the villages to further their control over the area. Their goal is to eventually take all the land themselves. The biggest win from the latest excursion was the discovery of the entity that March had named Fushi.

March was given the task of teaching it and helping it understand humans. She was also told to watch over Oniguma who was still dangerous even though it was restrained and injured. Parona was forced to work in the kitchens at the jail, although she was planning on escaping. She was going to break March, the old woman that was used as the wise woman selecting sacrifices from the villages, and Fushi. They would return home and convince the villages that no more sacrifices were needed.

Parona made her move and even though things didn’t go as planned, she made it work. However, they were pursued by their captives. March dived in front of Parona, saving her from several arrows. When March was hurt, Fushi lost control and took on the form of Oniguma, attacking their pursuers. However, March died. Parona told Fushi to stop and was about to kill herself and join March. Somehow, March’s spirit guided Fushi into stopping Parona. He transformed into Oniguma and carried her home.

To Your Eternity Volume 2 Fushi takes Parona home

What did you think?

This series is incredible. I can’t get over the unusual style of storytelling and how compelling it is. In a way, you feel detached from everything, like a floating entity watching it all unfold, but the characters are also vivid and interesting, sucking you into their lives. When Parona put the blade to her throat and was ready to kill herself to be reunited with March, I felt my heart leap into my throat. I’m not sure I would have been able to continue reading had she gone through with it.

March’s dreamlike sequence when she died was sad and beautiful all at the same time. Damn the cover of this volume for giving us the false hope that March would grow up and get to be an adult. This series is not for anyone that is looking for something casual to read. It will test your emotions to their limits. It’s also something that I can’t put down. Once, I start reading, I have to keep going until I reach the end. I’ve no idea how things will go over the next books, but you better believe I will be reading them all.

To Your Eternity Volume 2 Fushi stops Parona

Volume highlights

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