Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 23) – God’s Apostle

Arifureta From Commonplace to World's Strongest Season 2 Title

Hajime stands before Noint, Ehit’s apostle ready to attack, but can he really defeat someone with the god’s blessings? He’s going to need to use every trick he’s got just to stay alive!

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest (Episode 23) – God’s Apostle

What happened?

Hajime faced Noint alone at last, but even then she seemed to have an infinite source of magic. No matter what he threw at her it didn’t seem to be enough. She swooped in, attempting to finish him quickly, but that was her mistake. Up close, Hajime could see the damage he was doing to her swords (that were also shields). Now, he just needed an opening, which he made by blowing them both up.

Noint asked if he had planned on taking her down with him, but he simply laughed at the idea. He was able to create a pair of discs that he threw at her, however, they were more than just light weapons. They used spatial magic which allowed Hajime to shoot at her from every angle without moving. Her swords cracked and then broke. That was when Hajime charged her with his piledriver and blew a hole in her belly.

Meanwhile, Tio and Aiko managed to destroy the entire church. Along with Hajime’s actions they accidentally completed the next labyrinth. After collecting their prize, they hurried to get back to Yue and the others. However, Shizuku and the other students woke when the barrier was broken and joined up with the knights to establish a plan. Unfortunately, it was a trap and they didn’t notice until it was too late!

Arifureta From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest Episode 23 Hajime

What did you think?

And this show just gets better and better. There was some awkward music playing during Hajime and Noint’s fight, but the fight more than made up for that. My only real concern was that it might have been over a little quick. I did like that Hajime had to use a number of his tricks and skills that he’d learnt along the way. It was also good to see Aiko step up and assist Tio. I did laugh when she asked about the people in the church they just destroyed. Hajime was like, they’re all dead And then Tio summed it up perfectly – overconfident, surprise attack, no one survived that. As if Aiko wasn’t feeling bad enough.

Then we had the scene with Shizuku and the others and that was great. The tension was insane and you could literally feel the countdown to their betrayal. I was a little frustrated at Shizuku not reacting when the maid ran to her through all the soldiers without any of them reacting. That was pretty obvious Shizuku. I thought you were better than that. Anyhow, Eri has now officially landed. I hope we find out why she’s doing this. Can’t wait for the next episode… I never thought I would say that with this series.

What have you learnt?

So, why is this series that much better now? This season saw an improvement in the pacing for sure, but that alone hasn’t been the big turnaround. For me, it’s been the bigger picture. I’ve mentioned before how much more interesting this show was when we saw both sides of the story. If the other students were not important to the story then why were they involved in the first place? Hajime could have just as easily have been isekaied on his own and had the same adventure based on the first season and most of this season.

Now, we’re starting to see more of the other students. It is a little too late which is making it hard to build any sort of connection to them and recognise some of them even, but it has improved the overall story. There’s more urgency to it. If you have a story with a bomb in it and you know it’ll blow up at a certain time, it gives everyone a bit of an incentive to get on with things. The first season lacked that urgency. The drive just wasn’t there beyond Hajime wanting to get stronger and go home.

What if Hajime only had a certain amount of time to go home, and then what if he had to make a decision to save his friends and miss his chance? We have it to an extent with the demon army and his friends in the capital which is why this is far more compelling viewing than the earlier episodes.

Arifureta From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest Episode 23 Hajime defeated Noint

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