How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (Episode 7) – Want to Be an Idol?

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With the gym closed, Hibiki invites the girls to her brother’s restaurant to welcome Zina to Japan. Later, Zina discovers Saotomi’s secret and convinces them all to enter an idol contest!

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (Episode 7) – Want to Be an Idol?

What happened?

Even when the gym is closed, you can’t stop Machio from serving up some advice. As Uehara, Akemi, and Zina enjoy some barbecued beef at Hibiki’s brother’s restaurant, Machio and Saotomi talk about different cuts of beef, their nutritional content and benefits. When Hibiki finally gets to have a break, Zina marvels at the amount of food she eats.

Zina recognises Soatomi’s mole and confronts her about her secret identity. In order to stop Zina from talking, although she had no intentions of doing so, Saotomi accompanies her into town. There Zina tells Saotomi about active rest, something that Machio overhears across town and instantly shreds his tracksuit.

The real reason Zina wanted Saotomi to go out with her was that she wanted to enter an idol competition and had somehow convinced the others. Well, needless to say, their entry was as out-there as you might expect, complete with Machio in the audience in his speedos and baseball cap!

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What did you think?

I think I laughed all the way through this episode. They really went to town with Zina’s expressions as she seeks to accomplish her goal of defeating Hibiki. There were lots of great little moments, like Machio overhearing everything and reacting as you would expect. The real star of this episode, however, was the idol contest. It was funny from start to finish and then Saotomi’s deadlift was a thing of beauty. I’m starting to think this series can do nothing wrong. It’s easily my favourite of the season.

Episode highlights

Just another Day at School!

Who wants to Eat?

The Secret is Out!

Active Rest!

Who wants to be an Idol?

Nice Skills!

Nice Deadlift!

Did they Win?

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