Inktober 2022 – Day 3

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Today, I used one of the finest pens from my set and that steered me from kawaii to chibi. Who knows, by the end of the week, I might be doing lifelike drawings… Well, as lifelike as anime gets anyhow!

Inktober 2022 – Day 3

For today’s drawing, I decided to do an existing character from a show that I’m currently watching. I’m not going to say who or from what show though as I’d like to see if you can tell who it is. At least, that way I’ll know if it’s a successful depiction. If you can work it out, you might be able to guess who will be the subject of tomorrow’s piece. Hint – they are an infamous duo!

So, this is my drawing for day three of Inktober. As you can see this is definitely more in the chibi style of things, but that’s fine.

Inktober 2022 Day 3 Chibi Kei from Dirty Pair by Lynn

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  1. Is that Kei from Dirty Pair? I’m not really familiar with the anime, but I do recognize the her as a Cyber Punky anime character. Sorry if I got it wrong, I don’t really watch that genre of anime much!

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