Inktober 2022 – Day 5

Inktober 2022 Title

Can kawaii be ecchi? I pondered this very question as I thought about my next drawing. Well, I thought I should find out. The initial results are in, but I may need more data… thoughts?

Inktober 2022 – Day 5

Today, I tried to pull things back to the kawaii style but I also thought I should spice things up a little bit. After Kei and Yuri’s battle bikinis, I wondered if I could take things further. Of course, I’m also still trying out some original characters that I’m hoping to incorporate into this site. I think I may have a winner with this one. There’s certainly some potential, and I have a lot of time to explore other poses and outfits. I think that’s one of the appeals of kawaii and chibi art. It’s easier to change things up.

So, yeah! This is my attempt at ecchi kawaii… I think this is one that will look amazing with some colour. I’m thinking of giving her bright red hair and a funky pattern on the fans. Of course, I can test out any number of variations.

Inktober 2022 Day 5 Ecchi Kawaii Fan Dance by Lynn

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