Iwakakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls (Episode 2) – Believe in Yourself

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On her second day with the climbing team, Konomi finds herself competing in a competition and it’s only then that she realises how good her teammates are! Can she cope with the pressure?

What happened?

In last year’s competition, it was just Sayo and Nonoka and they finished in first and second place respectively, however, they need three competitors to stand a chance of the team event. Well, this year, they have Jun and Konomi to bolster their ranks. Konomi watches as Sayo and Nonoka make the walls look like a children’s climbing wall and is starting to feel a little out of her depth. Sure, it was fun yesterday, but can she really help the team or will she be a hindrance.

Before her first climb, another climber offers some advice, and even though it goes against Konomi’s instincts, she takes note. It throws off Konomi’s game plan and forces her to make a mistake. She feels like she’s let the team down, but Jun reminds her that it’s only her second day and that she doesn’t yet have the tools to solve the problem, but it will come if she is willing to commit.

Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 2 Konomi feeling the pressure

What did you think?

If it wasn’t for this bloody pandemic, I would have already signed up at my local climbing centre. This series is a lot of fun and watching these girls climbing is making me desperate to do the same. My problems aside, I really liked the way we got to see more of the other girls in the team and it didn’t instantly thrust Konomi into greatness straight away. She failed to send both walls, but the second attempt, once she’d got her head back together was a huge improvement. Now, with Sayo’s desire to win Nationals, we have a series goal and it’s going to be fun watching them work towards that and no doubt becoming closer as a group of friends.

Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 2 Sayo conquering the wall

What have you learnt?

It’s textbook stuff, but it that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I’m getting some real Harukana Receive vibes from this series and am all in on the positivity and good times that would entail. There’s a good chance I’m going to revisit that series soon as well… Anyhow, back to Climbing Girls. I’m really glad that Konomi didn’t just show up to the competition and instantly succeed. Too often we’ll see characters suddenly excel in something they’ve never tried before, however, now that she has failed, it will feel that much more satisfying when she works her way up. After two episodes, I can confidently say that I’m here for the duration of this series. Chicken Dinner!

Iwa Kakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 2 Sayo's dream to be National Champions

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    • I get the feeling it’s going to remain on the light and fun route, but it does get the intensity and energy of climbing down really well. I’m pretty much ready to install climbing grips onto the side of my house…

      In short, it makes me want to climb, which is a win for sure. Anything that can make you want to join in has got to be doing something right.

    • That’s fine since there’s a place for light entertainment. It would be amazing if you could make those grips for your house. Hahaha!

      I certainly agree when it comes to stories involving different topics with games or sports.

    • I think the kids would be game, but not sure about the Mrs!

      I’ve found myself really enjoying the more fun and light hearted shows almost as much as the darker stuff I am usually drawn to. Maybe it’s a sign of the times!

    • Very good point. Haha!

      Yeah. I know I’ve gotten a reputation for liking darker or at least more serious works which is true, but I’m also the same person who enjoyed Hikaru no Go, Shinesman, or one could argue Kimba the White Lion even though it has it’s dark moments.

    • Yeah, two of my favourite series from this year are Gleipnir and Bofuri and they couldn’t be further apart on the spectrum.

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