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As they waited for their turns to attempt the walls, Nonoka told Konomi that she felt like she needed Konomi to take up the slack for her. Konomi was flustered by this, but it would appear that even the best have their doubts.

What happened?

Well, it would appear that Nonoka has not had a good run at the bouldering preliminaries and has failed to qualify for the finals on every occasion. Despite her being an outstanding climber, this location has a hold on her confidence and won’t let go. However, she’s not about to give up just yet. As Konomi examined her wall, she recalled something that Sayo had said to her – great climbers send the wall twice. Once with their mind and then with their body. Confident that she had defeated it with her mind, Konomi stepped up and took on the wall. And, to everyone’s surprise, the route designer included, Konomi was the first competitor to send that wall.

Sayo and Jun continued to show their prowess as did several of the other tournament favourites. Nonoka, however, struggled on a wall and no matter what she did she just couldn’t reach the final hold. It took a lot out of her, shaking her confidence once more. She tried to get up and remain positive, but it’s hard, especially when she watched Iwamine, the climbing spider defeat the wall without breaking a sweat.

When it came time to announce the twenty climbers that would move on the finals, Konomi was nervous but managed to squeeze into the twentieth spot. Sayo and Jun were both above her, but Nonoka finished in twenty-third and was heartbroken. Sayo comforted her best friend as she had done each time before, but they were both unaware that Konomi and Jun heard everything and were ready to destroy the competition for Nonoka!

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 5 Iwamine the climbing spider

What did you think?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I could watch this all day. The climbing is intense and brilliant directed, given all the feeling of being on the wall itself with its spinning shots and varied points of view. Seeing Nonoka break down like that because she couldn’t progress was terrible, especially when she felt like her own body had failed her. If only she could grow a little taller! It was brutal to watch and I can imagine how that would have lit the fire beneath Konomi and Jun. They are going to give it everything they have now. I just hope they do us all proud.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 5 Konomi sends a route first
Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 5 Jun powers through

What have you learnt?

Konomi to seeing Nonoka fail could have taken her in a number of different directions, especially as she already looks up to her and respects her. It just goes to show that anyone can fail on any given day. I’m pleased that this had given Konomi and Jun the desire to win it for their teammate rather than dwell on the thought that it could happen to them. Nonoka isn’t exactly the mentor in the hero’s journey, but it would be an interesting way to show the hero surpassing their mentor. Especially as this would then have the potential to make them switch places. It would be an interesting twist on the usual trope of the mentor dying. Now, go win it for Nonoka!

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 5 Konomi and Jun ready to win it for Nono

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  1. Other than the weird internal mythology… I’m still enjoying Sport Climbing Girls. Unlike Scorching Ping Pong Girls (for example), there’s just not enough one-on-one for the mythological characters to pop into 3D. So, they kinda end up being filler in between Konomi’s runs and that’s just annoying.

    One of the few times I think a show would have been better off to stay in the middle of the pack.

    • Agreed, the other girls should either have a little more time to really show who they are or less time so that we could focus on Konomi and her journey.

      I am enjoying them as colourful garnishes. While they’re not the reason I’m watching, I do like them being there.

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