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Konomi was the final climber to qualify for the semi-finals, but it’s a new day and a new format. How will Konomi benefit when everyone is experiencing the climbs for the first time? Let’s do it for Nonoka!

What happened?

The semi-finals are known as the conveyer belt as everyone remains in isolation until it’s there turn to begin. Then they have five minutes to attempt the first wall before a five-minute break. After that, they will start on the second wall as a new climber begins on the first and so on and on. As Konomi finished in twentieth position in the qualifiers, she will go first. Of course, this format could play into her analytical strengths. In the qualifiers, she was the first to climb one wall, could she do the same again?

The wall designers have set a very difficult set of walls, which is to be expected when the semi-finals are to cut the twenty climbers down to just six. Konomi comes out to face the first wall. The timer starts, but she just stands there staring up at it. Has she lost her nerve? Not at all. In fact, Konomi is climbing the wall with her mind, breaking down the puzzle. It’s as if she’s climbed it a hundred time by the time she takes it on for real. Ultimately, the wall didn’t stand a chance as she sends the wall in her first attempt, much to the audience’s delight.

The other climbers hear the applause and our surprised at how quickly that happened. It’s time for another climber to come out and have a go while Konomi has a break. That’s one wall down, but there are still three more to go and another eighteen climbers to try them. However, Konomi is completely in the zone and having more fun that she ever imagined. Is there any wall that could stop her now?

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 6 Konomi attacks route 1

What did you think?

I love this show. Previously, I’d mentioned that I could just watch the climbing over and over again, well, this episode delivered on that. It focused almost entirely on Konomi and that was a great idea. We’ve seen her raw talent and all the pieces that should make her a good climber, but with this format, we get to see how her strengths can push her beyond the others. Sure, it’s easier to climb a wall if you’ve seen someone else do it or even attempt it, but they’re all having to solve it themselves and that suits Konomi and her puzzle-solving abilities. I can’t wait to see how the other girls do.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 6 Konomi attacks route 2
Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 6 Konomi attacks route 3

What have you learnt?

We all know that different characters will have different strengths and weaknesses and this episode was a great way of showing how different situations can elevate one character and destroy another. It can certainly be a fun idea to play with especially if you have a character that appears to have no useful strengths or another that seems to be perfect. Just change the scenario and anyone can become the greatest. It’s a great way to change things up and keep the story varied. In this instant, we always knew that Konomi was going to be good, but this sequence was just a joy to watch, and I feel like I need to mention the 80s inspired electro soundtrack which was just incredible.

Iwakakeru Sport Climbing Girls Episode 6 Konomi Ooba and Niijima

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