The Eminence in Shadow (Volume 7) – A Fancy Bandit Slayer

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 7 Cover

Shadow revealed that he was Mundane Mann and soon found himself facing Iris Midgar and Beatrix the War Goddess, however, even they are no match for his skills. He knocks them back and then leaves, but not before warning them to remember who their enemies are!

The Eminence in Shadow (Volume 7) – A Fancy Bandit Slayer

What happened?

Even Beatrix the War Goddess was no match for Shadow. Iris attempted to pin him down so that Beatrix could land a decisive blow, but it was a wasted effort as Shadow quickly defeated them. Then, he told them to remember who their true enemies were before vanishing. They were shocked at the amount of mana he would have needed to do that. Later, Cid treated his sister, Claire to a fancy meal at Mitsugoshi’s to celebrate her winning the Bushin Festival, all be it by default after Iris was defeated by Mundane Mann who turned out to be Shadow. Claire was impressed with the effort he must have put in to get such a wonderful table. She discussed their future and how without her he would struggle to make something of himself with his very average grades.

Luckily, she was about to go on a mission to defeat the Blood Queen, a progenitor vampire. Cid was delighted by the possibilities as they would have to go to the lawless city where he could really let loose and kill as many bandits as he wanted without repercussions. However, there was also an ominous real moon in the sky, but that just meant anything he said would sound even more cool and legendary. Little did he know, that it signals the return of Elisabeth, the Blood Queen. As Shadow ran around the city, Claire joined forces with Mary the Ancient Vampire Hunter believing Cid had been kidnapped as a sacrifice to the Blood Queen. However, they would soon come together in the Red Tower, joined by the rulers of the White and Black tower in a brutal power struggle!

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 7 Shadow gets in between Yukime and Juggernaut

What did you think?

All right. This is an absolutely fantastic turn of events in this series. I was surprised to see that the fight between Shadow, Iris and Beatrix was surprisingly short in the manga, especially as it was one of my five favourite fights from the first season of the anime. It moved things with Rose along pretty quickly too, moving her into Shadow Garden and putting her to work with Beta. However, the real fun began when Cid went with Claire to the lawless city. There he could really let loose and for a while he turned into Beavis from Beavis and Butthead, laughing manically as a couple of locals beat down a ghoul.

Of course, there is a real story going on here with the vampires trying to resurrect the Blood Queen and frankly, I don’t trust Mary the Ancient Vampire Hunter at all. My guess is that she is somehow connected to the Blood Queen and needs Claire as part of the sacrifice too. Sisters seems like too obvious a connection with there being Queen Elisabeth and Mary, but it’s a possibility. I also loved the scene with Shadow, Juggernaut and Yukime and how they all just barged into the Red Tower with the guard ignoring all but Shadow and then instantly regretting it. This could be my favourite arc yet. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 7 Shadow enjoying a rampage

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