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The Eminence in Shadow Volume 2 Cover

Princess Alexia, Cid’s fake girlfriend was kidnapped and he was the primary suspect. However, he’s such a background character that they released him. Shadow Garden had begun the search, but now it’s Shadow’s time to take over.

The Eminence in Shadow (Volume 2) – I Am Atomic!

What happened?

Shadow Garden had identified a number of locations in the capitol that belonged to the Cult of Diablos. They’d sent Delta to take care of things which was a little troublesome. She’s effective, but a little too chaotic. Luckily, Shadow had been released and was closing in on the place where Alexia was being held. A crazy scientist was busy taking Alexia’s blood for his experimentations. He was delighted to finally have some royal blood so he was extremely annoyed to hear that Shadow Garden was closing in. He injected Alexia’s blood into a person that appeared to be suffering from a possession. It turned her into a giant terrifying monster. She stomped the scientist into paste and then freed Alexia before disappearing into the city.

Alexia bumped into Zenon Griffey who told her had come to rescue her. She was a little suspicious but when he said he traced her magic trial, she knew he was lying. Her restraints would have made it impossible for him to do that. The only solution was that he knew where she was, to begin with. He laughed and revealed that it was his facility and he was bankrolling the scientist. Zenon was destined to become the Twelfth Seat of the Rounds. That was when Shadow arrived and showed off his power, eventually unleashing his hidden technique – I am Atomic!

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 2 Shadow goes Atomic

What did you think?

So far there haven’t been too many notable differences between the anime and the manga. Both were able to show us that the creature that was imprisoned with Alexia was the daughter of Viscount Grease which was a nice way to pull it all together. I did find one moment a little odd and that was after defeating Zenon, Cid escaped and commented that he was surprised that Zenon played along with his Cult of Diablos game. Even for someone being clueless, this seems like a stretch too far. There’s a big question as to how much Cid knows and now it’s looking more and more like he’s a complete psychopath.

Even his views on the imposters and how they were people that he had somehow inspired. If he really wants to be a shadow broker, he shouldn’t be leaving anything that would inspire others. He shouldn’t be known at all. There was one other thing that this book reminded me about with the anime and that was telling the difference between internal monologue and external dialogue. There are times when it seems like Cid or Nu in this volume are talking in their head and then the other person in the conversation seems to respond to the internal thoughts. It might just be a little clunky, but it could also be a feature. This story has certainly done enough for me to consider that a possibility. Anything seems to be possible at the moment.

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 2 Gamma shows Cid around Mitsugoshi

Volume highlights

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