Peach Boy Riverside (Episode 3) – Sally and a Crossroads

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Hawthorn enters a tournament to try to win some money unaware that Millia has also entered. Meanwhile, Sumeragi gathers the highest-ranking ogres to warn them about Mikoto, at least that was the pretence!

Peach Boy Riverside (Episode 3) – Sally and a Crossroads

What happened?

In an attempt to get some money so that they can continue on their quest, Hawthorn has entered a tournament with a grand prize of three hundred gold coins. He’s doing well, but then Sally, Carrot, and Frau don’t see the entertainment. That’s when Sally sees someone that looks like Mikoto and runs after him. If was Mikoto, although he’s not entering the tournament, the source of his money problems is…

The mid-tier ogre that was sent to recover Millia returns to Sumeragi and apologises, however, Sumeragi was watching and knew what happened. It all seems to work to his plans anyhow. The God of Masks, Juselino is there too. In fact, Sumeragi has just summoned the high-ranking ogres to discuss things. He’s concerned about the reduction in the ogres’ influence and warns them of the “peach boy”.

Another ogre echoes the warning, but several are not so keen to listen. So, Sumeragi shows them Somenki’s head and tells them of the casualties so far. One ogre takes offence and swears to kill the peach boy. Sumeragi calls it a day and seems quite happy with the outcome.

Juselino is curious about Sumeragi’s intentions but is willing to help him seek peace with the humans. She decides to meet some and make some friends. The first person she runs into is Hawthorn who thinks she’s lost and helps her find Sumeragi. She enjoyed their time together and agrees to cheer him on at the tournament.

Sally stepped out of the arena for a moment and bumped into Sumeragi. She’s never met him, but he seems to know her and her intentions. That’s when Mikoto returns ready to kill Sumeragi. He warns Sally that Sumeragi is a high-ranking ogre, probably one of the top ranks. They then give her a choice. Join forces with Sumeragi and push for peace between ogres and humans or choose Mikoto and kill all ogres!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3 Sally must chose between Sumeragi and Mikoto

What did you think?

I’m really enjoying this series so far. When I first discovered the correct viewing order, I was a little cautious of how episode 3 might work as the ninth episode and looking back at it now, I can almost see why they tried to shoehorn it into the third slot. Having seen the total destruction of the city, I can see why you might want to put this option before Sally at this point. It’s a tough choice, but this makes it harder.

Or does it? When it all boils down, Sally must choose between killing all ogres or pursuing peace. The release schedule also hasn’t given the viewers the chance to see Carrot’s growth or even shown how and why Millia is with Mikoto. So, looking at it now, I think it was a poor choice to air this episode at this point because the audience is not experiencing things as Sally is which is absolutely relevant to the story. As the ninth episode, this is a great episode, as the third, it would be confusing and give the wrong impression of the situation. Genocide is always wrong!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3 Millia in the martial arts tournament

What have you learnt?

I can understand how you might show different parts of a story to push a narrative. It makes sense that you might want the audience to feel a certain way. That will impact how they react to the characters and their actions. However, the way this series has been cut up seems disingenuous. I’m not sure what they are trying to show us, especially when the original narrative is so strong. Even after everything that has happened, it’s not an easy decision for Sally, even though she knows as do we that there is only one correct option.

Peace is never easy, but to attempt to achieve it through genocide is not the answer. It’s a slippery slope that gets steeper and steeper the further you go. Sure, it’s kill all the ogres now. Then what? The demihumans, the elves, the witches, the peach boys? There will always be dangerous people and situations, but killing your way out of them doesn’t solve anything long-term. The best thing about this crossroads that Sally is facing is that it’s someone she knows and respects asking her to do something she hates and someone she knows nothing of asking her to do the thing she has set her heart on. Choosing one is choosing to fight the other. Good luck to anyone watching these in release order as you have to wait until episode 8 to find out what Sally does…

Chronological viewing order – 4, 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 5, 6, 3, 8, 10, 9

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3 Sumeragi looking sinister

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