Peach Boy Riverside (Season One)

Peach Boy Riverside Title

Sally is a princess in a peaceful kingdom. She has everything she could want except that she wants to leave. Everything changes when she meets a young boy who hunts ogres.

Peach Boy Riverside (Season One)

What did you watch?

I’m not entirely sure what made me decide to watch Peach Boy Riverside, but it was definitely Sally. It’s funny that one random image is enough to make me jump into a series. However, it wasn’t until I finished the first episodes and was checking the comments that I realised that I should review it too. Originally, I was planning on watching it and maybe putting together a season review at the end, but there’s something quite unusual about this series. Every streaming service but one released the episode in a jumbled order. That’s right, the story bounces all over the place. Luckily, in the comments, I found a recommended viewing order and quickly got to work. Let’s unravel this series! Get ready for spoilers!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 1 Sally confused

What happened?

Sally lived a good life and was well-liked by the citizens of her father’s kingdom. However, it wasn’t enough. She yearned to explore the world and make her mark upon it. That opportunity appeared when she met an ogre hunter named Mikoto. He arrived at a fortunate time and was there to wipe out a group of ogres who were demanding sacrifices in exchange for the kingdom’s survival.

Sally saw first-hand how dangerous the ogres were but they were nothing compared to Mikoto. He killed them all and then left, leaving Sally with a decision to make. She went to see her father the next morning and told him that she was leaving. He realised he couldn’t stop her and wished her well. It wasn’t long until Sally met a demihuman lying face down on the road and offered her a carrot. From that point on, they travelled together and Sally learnt all about the discrimination the demihumans faced. It was something she hoped to change.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 1 Sally and Frau after some food

What did you think?

If you watch this series in the correct order it is a lot of fun. It has some great fights and approaches the topic of discrimination in an interesting manner. Personally, I really enjoyed the series and found the characters to be likeable. It held back a lot of secrets making it ideal for a second season, although I somehow doubt that will happen. The strange release schedule will no doubt impact the perception of the series. There is a chance since the only streaming service to release it in the correct order was a Japanese service and those are the ones that really matter. I can only hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 12 Winnie and Sally

What was your favourite moment?

I don’t think there was a particular stand-out moment that really grabbed me, but it kept a pretty consistent level of intrigue. The fights were great, especially at the beginning before Sally was aware of her power. Her fight with Sett, the walrus ogre was really good, but then so were some of Frau’s and Carrot’s fights. Even Hawthorn managed to pull off a spectacular one near the end of the season thanks to Winnie’s intervention. I think the most notable moment was when Sally and Frau had just broken Carrot out of prison and were escaping together. Hawthorn was trying to stop them. They stepped outside the city gates just as the entire city was destroyed. That was fairly memorable!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 Carrot Sally and Frau escape

What was your least favourite moment?

My least favourite thing about this series was that the bizarre release schedule will no doubt overshadow the actual series. The crazy idea to do this will be the reason that people remember Peach Boy Riverside. As I watched it, I tried to keep track of how things must have been if you were watching it as it aired. It made no sense. There were no clever transitions to pull it together. They literally made the series and then changed the episode numbers. Utter madness!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 12 Mikoto confused

Who was your favourite character?

I liked all of Sally’s party but I think Sally was my favourite. After all, she was the one that pulled them together. I doubt that they would have worked without her approach to life. She didn’t see anyone as being different from one another and was prepared to put her might behind her beliefs. I liked how she had no idea about her powers until Winnie explained it to her. For a while, she believed she was the weak link and was determined to make herself stronger to protect her friends.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 11 Sally training

Who was your least favourite character?

The one character that I felt was a little underwhelming and that was mostly because of how secretive he was was Sumeragi. He was obviously up to something. We saw the little smiles and sinister grins every time he felt that someone wasn’t watching. He was constantly lying and very few of the ogres seemed to notice or take it that seriously. I definitely need to know more about him.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 8 Sally and Sumeragi

Would you like some more?

As I said, I really enjoyed it and was just glad that I didn’t try to watch it when it aired. It must have been incredibly frustrating as different characters were with different people at different times and they kept referring to things that hadn’t happened yet. Basically, it was a mess. The story was good though and I enjoyed the characters. I would love to see where the story goes from here.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 11 Winnie

What have you learnt?

You can’t just shuffle the chapters of your story and expect them to make sense. It’s entirely possible to jump around in time and reveal little bits about the characters and the plot as you do, but it needs to be intentional and done in such a way that you’ve no idea what, where, or when something is happening. This was just a bad idea all around and I’ve yet to see any sort of justification that makes sense.

The most absurd thing was when one episode ended with an image and then another episode started with the same image, only they were four episodes apart. And the fact that I’m talking about it again just goes to show how much this decision has detracted from the story. I hope the person responsible takes note of the general reaction and reconsiders doing anything like this again. I don’t think you absolutely need to adhere to the source material, but if you’re going to change something it still needs to work.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5 Frau uses her powers

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  1. Definitely I’ll be rewatching this series in the correct order though I wish the local streaming service back where I’m at would put them in correct order instead of me referencing back and forth of the episode number.

    So this mixup is to leave viewers remember that PeachRiver vividly when in fact it did the opposite. I was feeling frustrated during its seasonal watch so I’m glad you didn’t have to experience it back then. I gave a low score because of this. Hopefully my rewatch on it will make me score it as high as it could’ve been.

    Funny about non-chronological orders is that I’ve seen some good examples of it. Boogiepop Phantom being one of them though I can’t explain it clearly how the author did it with flying colors. There’s also Eighty-Six series though I consider it to be a semi-NC but the flashbacks and place setting at least made sense to me.

    • Yeah, it does feel like a gimmick, but I really can’t see that working for seasonal watchers. Like you, I’m sure there will be lots of lower scores and even more people abandoning it.

      Also there are lots of great examples of movies and shows doing things out of order or even backwards. The difference is they were designed to be that way. This was a hack job with no thought put into it, which is a shame because it’s a good story.

      If I was the author of the books, I would have been furious to see it presented like this.

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