Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 4) – The Town of Fog Where Greed Brews

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Seven Mortal Sins Title

Lucifer, Leviathan, and Maria are searching for Mammon, the Demon Lord of greed in London and it’s proving tricky. Then, they find an advert for a potion and walk straight into Mammon’s trap!

Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 4) – The Town of Fog Where Greed Brews

What happened?

Maria keeps forgetting that she’s not on holiday and is actually a slave to a fallen angel being used to track down demon lords for her revenge, but at least she gets to travel! They have narrowed down their search for Mammo, the Demon Lord of greed to London, England, but even then it’s hard to find her. She’s not like Asmodeus, drawing a crowd. After some research, they discover an advert for a potion that makes your dreams come true. That has to be her.

They find her shop and let themselves in. However, Maria picks up a gold coin left on the floor and springs a trap. Mammon arrives and admonishes them, however, she’s more of a negotiator and not a fighter. She offers to take Lucifer for a spot of tea so they can discuss things. Of course, they end up fighting and Mammon wins, but not before Lucifer broke a stained glass window. To make amends for the damages, Mammon straps Lucifer to a torture horse before heading back for Maria. Can she escape and what is Mammon up to?

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 4 Maria Lucifer and Leviathan in London

What did you think?

It wasn’t as good as the last episode but was still pretty entertaining. I’m not entirely sure why London looked like it was from the eighteenth century for the most part, but I’ll assume that they got confused with the number of souls that Mammon had taken over time. Sure, there are parts of London that look old, but they are becoming harder to find. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Lucifer. Leviathan is basically hopeless and just seems to cause more trouble than she’s worth.

Ironically, it’s Maria that has pretty much been the undoing of each of the demon lords so far. I am finding it a little ridiculous that we’re going through the standard fail, overcome torture, and then win format, especially as Lucifer doesn’t seem to gain any new strength or ability each time, she’s just randomly stronger and able to overcome their attacks. The best part was at the end when Mammon revealed that she had found a new form of greed to exploit – cryptocurrency! Lol!

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 4 Mammon interested in Maria

Episode highlights


It’s a Trap!


Torture Horse!

Mammon’s Babysitters!

Leviathan Finds Lucifer!




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