Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 6) – Sloth Online

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Seven Mortal Sins Title

Before Lucifer had a chance to even search for Belphegor, Demon Lord of sloth, she found her and invited Lucifer into her VRMMORPG. It should be an easy win, but then a legendary hero appears!

Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 6) – Sloth Online

What happened?

Inside the VRMMORPG, Lucifer got to choose whether to be the hero or the Demon Lord. Of course, she chose Demon Lord and began to lay waste to players, or Belphegor’s followers. It was looking hopeless for Belphegor until she recruited another player – a potential hero. Maria took the magic sword and bikini armour and accepted her role. As the legendary hero, she would save this world from the Demon Lord.

Of course, it wasn’t until they met in battle, that Maria realised that Lucifer was the Demon Lord. Lucifer won, but Belphegor snatched Maria away before she could kill her. If Maria was going to beat the Demon Lord, she was going to need a training montage and a legendary weapon that is guarded by an angel behind a waterfall. That angel was Leviathan… Would Maria save this world from the Demon Lord or was Lucifer set to reign supreme?

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 6 Maria attacks giant worm

What did you think?

We got more fighting in this episode and I liked that Belphegor was making them all fight between themselves. That seems like something a Demon Lord of sloth would do. I also liked that she used a VRMMORPG to curate her followers, especially when she offered them special gear if they played longer. It’s almost like the tricks real games do to keep players logged in and spending money far beyond the point when they should have stopped.

I also appreciated that they took the fight to Lucifer and split up her team, however, it was still just one Demon Lord. It’s a step in the right direction, but there may not be enough Demon Lords left by the time they realise. The other thing to consider is that we still don’t know exactly why Lucifer was expelled from heaven and how that plays into everything that’s happening. It’s been fun goofing off, but I would like to see the main storyline appear.

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 6 Belphegor and Maria working together

Episode highlights


Let’s Play a Game!

The Hero Appears!

First Confrontation!

Training Montage!

The Final Showdown!

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