Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 5) – The Languid Diva

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Seven Mortal Sins Title

Astaroth, the Demon Lord of melancholy is the next to find herself facing off against Lucifer. This time it’s a music battle as each tries to outperform the other. Which is more evil – idols or rock ‘n’ roll?

Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 5) – The Languid Diva

What happened?

Astaroth is a strange one. She records her music alone in a karaoke booth and then publishes it online, which is no way to gather actual followers. Regardless, Lucifer is ready to take her down too. However, Astaroth is also not much of a fighter and prefers to compete with music, especially as she generally talks by rapping. Lucifer is prepared to play along and releases her own music video on the internet and starts to collect likes.

Belial and Belphegor are keen to see Astaroth win and get behind her, helping her with her next music video and drumming up a crowd for a concert. It’s Lucifer’s dance track with autotuning versus Astaroph’s rock video full of nudity and blood, much to Astaroph’s horror. It works, however, and the concert hall is packed full of fans looking forward to seeing them perform. Lucifer knows that Astaroph won’t show up as she has stage fright. Who will win this showdown and will it even happen?

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 5 Lucifer feeling good

What did you think?

I wasn’t exactly expecting things to get quite so cosy with this series. We’ve had a pole-dancing contest, a babysitting service (although that was pretty creepy), and now a music battle. I was really expecting that to be a little more fighting and more demonic activities. What has happened to Lucifer from episode two? She was the bomb! Now, she’s lying in an empty bathtub sulking because her music video didn’t do as well as Astaroth’s!

It’s also bothering me how they all know that Lucifer is coming for them by now and aren’t doing anything to proactively stop her. When they fought together in episode one, they took her down. It was only their lack of demonic tendencies that saved Lucifer. I am actually enjoying the series, it’s just not what I was expecting. Also, I don’t know how Astaroth didn’t win, her music video was killer and the tune was pretty catchy!

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 5 Maria and Leviathan

Episode highlights


Astaroth’s Backers!

Taking the Lose!

Let’s Try Again!

Astaroth Brings It!

The Final Showdown!

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