Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 2) – Driven Wild by Envy

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Seven Mortal Sins Title

Lucifer takes Maria Totsuka’s heart so that she can use her as her human pawn. She even gives her the presidential suite at Tokyo Towers as her permanent home. However, there’s more to Maria than meets the eye!

Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 2) – Driven Wild by Envy

What happened?

Leviathan assumed that Lucifer was planning on killing Maria and not taking her with them. Why does she have to come? Isn’t Leviathan enough? Lucifer has her reasons and she’s not in the mood to tell anyone what she’s planning. Needless to say, she’s also not willing to take any crap from anyone. Once they are in their new home at the top of Tokyo Towers, Lucifer reveals that Maria will not age a day and that she is now immortal as long as she has her heart. Isn’t that what all humans want?

After some fun in the pool and a lavish, if terrifying dinner prepared by Leviathan, Lucifer leaves suddenly. As soon as she’s gone, Leviathan turns her attention to Maria, who she hates. As the wannabe Demon Lord of envy, Leviathan is incredibly jealous that Maria getting all the attention from Lucifer. She knows she can’t kill Maria, but she can have some fun with her. Leviathan chases her to the elevator and then ravishes her with tentacles of water. If anyone were to come in the elevator, it certainly wouldn’t look good for Maria. Can she hold out?

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 2 Lucifer Maria Totsuka and Leviathan

What did you think?

I enjoyed this episode way more than the first one and having just Lucifer, Maria, and Leviathan helped. There’s something about Maria that Lucifer needs as we saw with her ability to find things for Lucifer when she licked her nipple! That’s an unusual method of finding stuff, that’s for sure. They did a pretty good job of showing us how jealous Leviathan was of Maria and the scene at the end where the random guy in the elevator turned out to be Lucifer anyhow was great.

However, the best thing about this episode was Lucifer’s swagger. When she decided to go for a swim and strode towards the pool as her clothing undid itself and fell away was amazing. Her attitude and confidence are unreal, but I think it’s also the freedom she has now too. She is beholden to nobody and it shows. There’s clearly much more to the story, but I’m sold on the series just to see Lucifer being such a badass.

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 2 Lucifer wants a rematch

Episode highlights

A Human Heart!

Belial’s New Confidence!

New Living Arrangements!

Join Us!

Hell’s Kitchen!

The Curse!

Leviathan wants to Play!

Looking for Something!

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