Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 7) – Guiltless Gluttony

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Seven Mortal Sins Title

Lucifer crashes one of Beelzebub’s underground eating parties and challenges her to an all-you-can-eat contest. It’s a tie, but then Lucifer passes out and wakes in the hospital!

Seven Mortal Sins (Episode 7) – Guiltless Gluttony

What happened?

Lucifer started the contest quickly devouring the meat, while Beelzebub took her time. By the end of the contest, Lucifer was beaten and could barely take another bite. Beelzebub has plodded along at her own pace and kept eating the entire time. It ended up as a draw and as soon as it was over, Lucifer raced to the bathroom and threw up. How could food have defeated her? The next thing she knew, she was waving up in a hospital bed surrounded by Maria and Leviathan.

Apparently, she had the stomach flu and needed to undergo some more tests to see what was going on. Surprisingly, the doctors and nurses could see her horns and kept asking peculiar questions. She used up most of her magic just keeping them from suspecting anything. The real threat, however, was her doctor who was actually Belial. She was able to find Maria’s heart and took it away. After a little more time in the hospital, Lucifer and Beelzebub, who had been admitted to the bed next to her, became friends. Not long after leaving, Belial swooped in and kidnapped Maria!

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 7 Maria helping Lucifer

What did you think?

It took me about ten seconds to realise that Lucifer’s doctor was Belial, so when she revealed herself and said I bet you didn’t realise it was me, I laughed a little too hard. Otherwise, this was a very slow and strange episode, not to mention the suppository! I know that Lucifer said she likes to beat everyone at their own game, which is fine. Why we have such a boring bunch of Demon Lords is another question entirely.

I feel like Lucifer should have been far more concerned about Maria’s heart going missing than she was and I’m not sure what we got from Leviathan wetting the bed while sleeping with Lucifer. Is it trying to show us that she’s really very childlike and if that’s the case, that strikes me as yet another odd decision? I think this series could have been fascinating, even before all the ecchi stuff, but so far it’s been kind of average with the occasional good moment.

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 7 Leviathan and Lucifer sleeping

Episode highlights

Underground Eating Parties!

Eating Contest!

Where Am I?


Not a Doctor!

Cleaning Up!



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