Peach Boy Riverside (Episode 6) – Carrot and Millia

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Carrot still hasn’t quite come to terms with Sally and whether she is truly an ally or not. Meanwhile, Mikoto finds a nun lost in the forest and escorts her to the next city.

Peach Boy Riverside (Episode 6) – Carrot and Millia

What happened?

Frau is visited by Alta in the human realm and comments on her friends and how good they are. It’s a surprise, especially as she was still stuck in the demon form. Sally and Carrot have gone searching for carrots to give to Frau when she wakes. They stop to argue about how Sally killed Sett. Carrot is mad, but Sally is adamant that she did the right thing.

A nearby market owner tells them to move on as they’re impacting his business. He recognizes Carrot from the other day. He was the one that was mean to Frau and starts telling them to stay away from the filthy demihumans who he believes are basically beasts. Carrot gets mad, but before she can do anything Sally punches him in the face, putting him on his ass.

Carrot appreciates this and it gives them something to enjoy together. Now, they just need to find some carrots… it’s not like every other stall they walk past has piles and piles of carrots. Would someone sell them some carrots already? They get back to find Frau has returned to normal. Carrot asks her what she truly is, but says she doesn’t have to answer if Frau doesn’t want to.

Atla was on her way back to heaven when she spotted a spirit that hadn’t passed on. It was Kyuketsuki and he was watching an angry mob of humans burning his body. Atla hoped that he wouldn’t come back as an ogre, but he wondered if a human would be much better, pointing to the angry mob. Atla reminded him that not all humans were the same.

Meanwhile, Mikoto finds a nun in the forest. She’s lost her memory, remembering only her name. He protects her, but when he finds out she is an ogre, he prepares to kill her while she sleeps. His dog stops him and tells him not to abuse the name he’s been using. Mikoto apologises and agrees to escort Millia to the next city. Outside, they encounter a mid-tier ogre who has been sent to bring Millia back. Her memories return which gives Mikoto the chance to kill two ogres. However, realising she’s got no hope, Millia pulls off her horn and asks Mikoto to protect her.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 6 Millia asks Mikoto to save her

What did you think?

This was another good episode and continued to show the differences in the characters. Not only that but the difference between humans. We saw an angry mob celebrating burning Kyuketsuki’s body and the market stall owner. This series is very much about showing how prejudices occur and how it’s easy to fall into that mindset. When looking at groups it’s easy to lump them together, but like all things, everything has its nuances.

I can understand why Carrot might look at Sally and think that she is no different, especially from the point of view of an ogre. Then, at the same time, Sally’s approach is quite clearly different to that of most humans. Hawthorn is probably one of the other main exceptions we’ve seen so far. From one stance you might suggest that they are proof that most humans are bad, but I’d argue the opposite. They are proof that humans can be good, just like ogres and demihumans. Blindly lumping groups together is never a good idea.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 6 Sally looking angry

What have you learnt?

In this episode, we saw Millia who had been so traumatised from the time she met Sally that she had lost her memories. Of course, if you aren’t watching in chronological order, you would have no idea who she was, what happened to her, or basically anything. Once more, she was busy referencing things that technically haven’t happened, which is yet another reason that the release order for this series is completely messed up.

You might argue that there are only twelve episodes, how hard can it be. Of course, the reality is that there are several storylines and character threads that would become a mess if you were trying to follow it all in this manner. I also learnt that it may have aired in the correct order somewhere in Japan, making this decision even more baffling. It might work if there was something to pull it together, but there isn’t. It’s as if these episodes were made in chronological order and then released randomly. Please watch it chronologically, it’ll be a far more enjoyable experience.

Chronological viewing order – 4, 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 5, 6, 3, 8, 10, 9

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 6 Millia doesnt think Mikoto is a boy

Episode Highlights

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