Peach Boy Riverside (Episode 2) – Ogres and Humans

Peach Boy Riverside Title

Sally is facing a giant High Ogre and seems to have him panicked. Outside the city, Mikoto finds the other High Ogre and decides to wait until she’s regained her powers. Who will survive?

Peach Boy Riverside (Episode 2) – Ogres and Humans

What happened?

Sally had caused so much concern in Sett that he unleashed his full power, feeling shame for needing it to defeat a lowly human. However, when the dust settled, Sally was fine and Frau had been protected behind her. Sett couldn’t believe it. What kind of monster was he facing?

Meanwhile, Mikoto caught up with the other ogre outside of the city. She was still in her shrunken form after using most of her power to fire her eye cannon. Mikoto decided that they should talk while they waited for her to regain her full strength. It seemed unfair to kill her now. The ogre revealed that she hated the way the humans had destroyed the land to build the castle. Mikoto laughed that her ideals were based on saving the natural world. In reality, he believed that it was because ogres and humans simply hated one another.

Sally was quick to defeat Sett after that, slashing deep into his chest with her short sword. However, she passed out from overexertion and woke later in the day. Frau was sitting beside her bed when she woke and Hawthorn joined them soon after. He took them to a cell where he showed them the ogre from outside the city. She had been defeated by Mikoto who removed her horn and ogre eye, leaving her pretty much helpless.

Hawthorn asked Sally and Frau to watch over her until she woke. Once Hawthorn had gone, Frau revealed that the ogre was awake and simply faking being asleep. When she discovered that her powers and the source of her powers were gone, she planned on letting them kill her. However, Sally didn’t like that plan and broke her out of the cell. They ran from the city and were confronted by Hawthorn. He was about to chase them when the entire city was destroyed in a flash of light!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 Sally stopping Sett

What did you think?

So, this episode was excellent. I loved the fights, especially how we had two going on at the same time so we could bounce back and forth. Mikoto is quite clearly a monster in his own right and without seeing episode 4 first, it would have been quite the surprise. We knew that Sally is looking for him, but that might have been quite jarring without the events of the first episode (episode 4).

I also enjoy it when Sally and Frau are together. They have an odd chemistry that seems to be quite comedic but without being forced. The big shock was the final moment of the episode after the ogre, Sally, and Frau had escaped from the city. Hawthorn was literally about to chase them on his horse when the guard, handing him the reigns and the horse vanished. Then the camera panned out to show us that the entire city had vanished!

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 Sally and Frau

What have you learnt?

It was fairly obvious that the ogre would somehow end up with Sally and Frau. Just look at the title image for the show at the top of this post if you don’t believe me. It was also in the OP and ED, which is kind of annoying. Even with the wacky episode order, it was a spoiler.

My favourite moment was when the city was destroyed. Not because it was destroyed but because of how they did it. As soon as the guard passed the reigns to Hawthorn I knew that something was going to happen. If he had rode after them, it wouldn’t have taken long before he caught up to them again and this time Frau might have to do something serious. So, I was ready for something. Then, we saw the guard and the horse obliterated and I was like wow, that’s brutal. Then, when the camera panned out and you could see that the entire city had been destroyed, I was floored. I think it’s important to not just surpass the audience’s expectations, but blow them away.

Chronological viewing order – 4, 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 5, 6, 3, 8, 10, 9

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 Carrot Sally and Frau escape

Episode Highlights

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