Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 10) – Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Raikiri

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Title

It’s time for Shizuku to face the Student President, Touka Toudou. There’s a lot of pressure from her father to win, but she’s put even more on herself as she is determined to make up for the pain Ikki has experienced.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 10) – Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Raikiri

What happened?

Toudou is a lightning user and since Shizuku is a water user that makes her, Shizuku’s natural enemy. She does have one trick that will help, but that requires the creation of pure distilled water whereas Toudou will be able to attack as normal. It’s already swinging in Toudou’s favour. With their preparations complete, it’s time for the match to get underway.

Once the buzzer goes to signal the start, both fighters remain perfectly still. Toudou’s strength is at close range, while Shizuku is best at a distance. Neither fighter can afford to make a wrong move. Finally, Shizuku begins, putting even more distance between them, but Toudou keeps coming.

Shizuku has been on the defensive for quite some time and then managed to launch a triple attack which would have finished your average opponent. Unfortunately, Toudou is anything but average. The standoff continues. All Shizuku has to do is keep her distance, but then suddenly the distance between them is halved and she can’t work out how.

Ikki has though. He’s watching from the spectator gallery and notes that it was a similar technique that the teacher, Nene used on him earlier. It involves confusing the unconscious mind and using that to disguise your movements. Nene appears and is glad to see that Ikki has worked it out. He also knows that it is almost impossible to break free from.

Shizuku decides to go on the offensive, creating a massive fog cloud in which she can freely move. Together with an army of copies made out of the water, she disguises her attack and then just when she’s about to land the killer blow, Toudou turns to reveal that she’s been waiting for this moment and unleashes her unstoppable finishing move. Shizuku lost, but she did so in style. She can be happy that she has made her brother proud, but it doesn’t take the sting of losing away.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 10 Toudou versus Shizuku

What did you think?

And we’re back to a full episode fight, which was excellent. It was hands down the best fight in the series so far. There was just so much to enjoy and I love it when they dedicate an entire episode to something like this. Splitting it across multiple episodes, however, is incredibly annoying so I’m glad they didn’t do that.

There was a moment at the end of the fight when things were getting intense and it moved to a letterbox format. Then, when Toudou unleashed her attack, she cut through Shizuku and the black panels at the top and bottom of the screen. I was half expecting the screen to crack in two. It was an epic fight, but the revelation that Ikki’s father was the one behind the golem attack, makes the prospect of the final two episodes that much more exciting.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 10 Toudou cuts through everything

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