Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 2) – The Worst One II

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Title

School is about to start and this year Ikki will be allowed to attend classes. On top of that, the representatives for the upcoming tournament will be selected by their fighting abilities and not their rank!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 2) – The Worst One II

What happened?

To make life that much more interesting Ikki’s little sister, Shizuku is coming to the school and it’s been almost four years since they last saw one another. Stella is cautious about a new girl getting in between her and Ikki, but she had no idea there would be more than one. Kagami Kusakabe is a first-year that has also taken a shine to Ikki and plans on putting him on the front of the school paper she’s about to start!

However, Kagami is quickly forgotten when Shizuku catches up with Ikki and kisses him on the lips… Everyone is pretty shocked, but Shizuku attempts to defend her position… however, there is no defence and it quickly turns into a full-on brawl between Shizuku and Stella. Of course, they are both punished and made to clean all of the girls’ washrooms on campus. Once they’re done cleaning and slinging insults at one another, Shizuku lets slip about Ikki’s past.

Stella asks Ikki about it and he confirms that his grandfather was a famous samurai. he also confirmed that once it was apparent that he had no magical abilities his family shunned him. It was only when he met his grandfather that he gained a new drive to compete. However, his family have done everything in their power to ensure that he fails, including stopping him from attending classes for a year. This revelation brings Ikki and Stella closer, although it’s unclear if that’s what makes her want to wash his back with her boobs!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 2 Everyone is shocked as Shizuku kisses Ikki

What did you think?

This episode was focused on giving us some of Ikki’s much-needed backstory. It’s clear that he’s had a hard time and of all people, it was his own family that was behind it. That is why Shizuku has developed some wildly misplaced affection for her brother. It certainly caught me off guard, but thankfully things quickly got back to Stella and Ikki’s relationship. I like that they are getting closer and she has taken on the idea that if she wants to get stronger, he can help her do that. It will be interesting to see if she is able to catch up to him physically because then she would have a big advantage.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 2 Ikki confides in Stella

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