Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 9) – Princess’ Vacation

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As the tournament continues, both Stella and Ikki continue to impress. So, it seems only right that the principal sends them away for a break. If only they were actually going to have some time to relax!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 9) – Princess’ Vacation

What happened?

Well, it turns out that rather than a vacation, Ikki and Stella have been recruited to assist the student council in preparing the training facilities for the upcoming training camps. That means lots of cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. Luckily, they finish fairly quickly and that gives Stella and Ikki a chance to hike up to a nearby waterfall. Alone at last.

Meanwhile, Ikki’s little sister, Shizuku has returned home at the request of her mother, although once there, she has no interest in talking to anyone, but then her father summons her to the study!

Ikki and Stella are on the trail, but Stella seems to be struggling. It turns out that she caught a cold and is developing a fever. Ikki decides to take her back, but then it starts to rain. Luckily, there’s a cabin nearby in which they can find shelter. With Stella’s fever worsening, Ikki tells her to remove her wet clothes, however, she can’t and needs his help…

After helping Stella, Ikki tries to calm down, but it would appear that his body has other ideas. Stella then asks him if he would like to do “it”! He refuses because he wants to be able to declare his love for her to his family without regrets…

Then, out of nowhere, they are attacked by a giant golem. Ikki gets Stella to safety and then attacks back, however, every time he defeats it, it returns as more and more golems. The student council show up and help out, although it’s not until student council president, Touka Toudou arrives that things start to improve. Incidentally, she’s also Shizuku’s next opponent in the tournament. Good luck!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 9 A golem attacks their cabin

What did you think?

After the last episode which was almost entirely fighting, this one managed to swing things back the other way and was almost entirely ecchi. The highlights had to be Stella asking Ikki to help undress her. Seriously, Ikki has the worst luck… Then, to top things off we got to see Touka Toudou and she was everything you’d expect the student council president to be and much more. I’m glad that Shizuku has to fight her as we really need to see much more of Touka. It was another fun episode and no doubt the beginning of the final arc of the season. Lots of questions and hints at future events.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 9 Touka Toudou fighting golems electric

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