Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 3) – The Worst One III

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Title

Stella was about to ask Ikki to go on a date with her, but Shizuku got in first, so Stella is coming along on their trip to the mall. Unfortunately, a terrorist group captures the mall and holds the group hostage.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 3) – The Worst One III

What happened?

Stella and Ikki have been training hard and seem to be reaping the benefits. They’ve even become much closer, so Stella decides it’s time to ask Ikki on a date. However, just as she’s about to do that he gets a message from Shizuku asking him to come shopping with her. Much to Stella’s annoyance, he accepts, so she goes with him. Even more surprising, Shizuku brought her roommate Arisuin with her. Shizuku and Stella instantly butt heads.

Even with his little sister getting in Stella’s way, they appear to be having fun, but that’s all about to change. A terrorist group storms the mall and takes the women and children hostage. To make matters worse, the group has a Blazer. Luckily, Ikki and Arisuin were able to avoid detection thanks to Arisuin’s ability to manipulate shadows. They contact the school principal who gives them the authorisation to use their abilities to take down the terrorists.

Shizuku is silently working on a spell to protect everyone from within the group of hostages, but when a child is threatened Stella jumps to his aid. She tries to take on the Blazer, but with no knowledge of his powers, he manages to defeat her and tells her that she must beg forgiveness in place of the child if she is to save him… oh, and she must do it completely naked.

Ikki is furious, but Arisuin makes him wait until Shizuku has finished her spell and the group is protected. With that done, Ikki launches his attack, using an ability that takes his power from some of his senses to focus them on a single aspect. He manages to defeat the Blazer and save the hostages, but then another terrorist, hidden with the hostages appears. Another member of the school shows up and finishes things off, taking all the credit in the process. What’s more, he’s also going to be Ikki’s first opponent in the tournament!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 3 Ikki Attacks

What did you think?

I’m finding the whole Shizuku element of this series to be incredibly awkward and can’t help but feel like we wouldn’t be missing much had she not just been a close childhood friend and not his little sister… It was cool seeing them actually fight someone and the way the Ikki handled things was particularly impressive. Stella also had her moment and while Shizuku may get annoyed that she jumped up when she did, the guy was about to shoot a child so I don’t see how she could have done anything differently. It was a pretty exciting event and we also got to meet Ikki’s nemesis – Shizuya Kirihara and he’s a massive dick!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 3 Shizuku and Stella butting heads

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