Otherside Picnic (Episode 8) – Attack of the Ninja Cats

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Sorawo is approached by a first-year who is having some unusual problems. Apparently, she’s being stalked and attacked by ninja cats. It sounds too ridiculous to be true, but then this is pretty much what Sorawo does now!

What happened?

One day at lunch, Sorawo finds herself talking with a first-year student called Akari. She has sought out Sorawo’s help aware that she is knowledgeable of supernatural things and believes that she has a sixth sense. Sorawo is reluctant to get involved, but it’s never that easy to walk away.

She tells Toriko and Kozakura about the story. They too find it bizarre, but then Kozakura reminds them that not everyone has the same tolerance of fear. For example, she’s terrified of pretty much everything, especially since the incident where the Otherside came to take them to it.

After a while, Sorawo agrees to look into things although she’s conflicted about fighting cats. She doesn’t want to ruin her perception of them. Toriko and Sorawo meet up with Akari to get more information. After hearing more of her story and seeing some creepy videos, they ask what the cats look like when they attack her. Akari points behind Toriko and Sorawo and says kind of like that.

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina

They find themselves in the same space that the space, time, middle-aged man used to communicate with Sorawo and are almost instantly attacked by two cats walking on two legs. Akari helps them fight back with her karate skills before they run.

After going through a door that said only cats could enter, they find themselves in a strange cat world, still pursued by the ninja cats. Sorawo tries to see what it is they are after, but it’s impossible. To make matters worse, they look like normal cats too.

During a moment while the ninja cats are looking through Akari’s bag, Sorawo notices that Akari has a strange glow within her stomach. She makes Toriko remove her glove and used her transparent hand to reach inside Akari and pull out the thing the cats are looking for.

It is a good luck charm that someone gave Akari. Sorawo throws it away and the ninja cats run after it. A little later they are swarmed by white cats and find themselves back in the real world. They meet with Akari once more to ask where she got the charm. It was from a tutor who went missing six months ago – Satsuki Uruma!

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Toriko Nishina pulls charm out of Akari

What did you think?

So, I have some mixed feelings about this episode. I loved how they made the normal cats appear creepy with glowing eyes and having them dart out of the shadows. I didn’t really care for the ninja cats, however. That just seemed a little too weird. Luckily, things got infinitely creepier when Akari seemed to be possessed by the cat charm. That was a nice twist.

As soon as she said someone gave her it, I knew it was going to be Satsuki. That may have been a little too obvious, but I’m glad they just went ahead and confirmed it rather than trying to make it a long and drawn out thing. The rules for the Otherside seem to be getting more and more convoluted and I’m actually cool with that. It just adds to the mystery, of which there is plenty!

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Sorawo Kamikoshi attacked by ninja cat

What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt that Toriko and Sorawo make some questionable purchases when they are drunk. I’m not sure how a tobacco picker will be a particularly good mode of transportation in the Otherside or even how they will get there, but it was pretty entertaining. I guess it just gives them a little more depth as characters and shows that they are getting closer as friends.

There’s still something a little off between them though and we saw that when Sorawo wasn’t sure how to describe her relationship with Toriko and when she didn’t want Akari to become a partner in crime with them. I think she wants Toriko all to herself. It makes sense. They’ve been through a lot and that’s bound to bring them closer together. I’d ship them!

Otherside Picnic Episode 8 Toriko Nishina

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