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Sorawo and Toriko are up against the Kakandara which is desperately trying to stop the American soldiers from returning home. It even seems to be aware of the strength of Sorawo’s eye, although that alone won’t be enough!

What happened?

Kakandara seemed to focus on Sorawo, trying to force her to look away and make it impossible for anything to hurt it. However, Sorawo wasn’t about to let it win. She’d come so far in her attempt to rescue the American soldiers and the gate was within their grasp. But how could she defeat it? Toriko tried to shoot it but her bullets weren’t doing enough damage.

Sorawo focused on the monsters and told Toriko to find something bigger to attack with. Of course, Toriko is not one to mess around and comes hurtling forward with one of the armoured vehicles that the American soldiers had put together, complete with a robotic arm that is meant to sweep mines away. Toriko used it to literally beat Kakandara into submission.

Kakandara finally gave in and the battle had been won. The Americans cheered and couldn’t believe that they were finally going to go home. Sorawo asked Toriko to use her hand to open the gate. They watched the American soldiers pass through, each one thanking “the girls” for saving them. Drake was the last soldier to go through. He turned and waited for Toriko and Sorawo to follow, but they simply waved and closed the gate.

Otherside Picnic Episode 12 Sorawo Kamikoshi refusing to look away from the Kakandara

Rather than go back with the soldiers and have to explain themselves to various people over and over again, they decided to stay in the Otherside and find another way home. It probably won’t be the last time they encounter the military, especially now that they know about them and the Otherside.

Back in the real world, Kozakura demanded that they find somewhere to put the tobacco picking machine they bought on a drunken night out or she would finally remove it. They wandered the neighbourhood searching for a gate to the Otherside and had almost given up when they finally spotted one.

Ironically, it was outside Kozakura’s house when the old women had swallowed them the time before. Kozakura was less than impressed! They prepared the machine and the gate and drove through just as Akari was coming into Korzakura’ garden.

On the Otherside, Toriko and Sorawo drove their machine until they found a suitable place to store it. Then, they took a moment to reflect on their journey so far and how they found each other, and how that had changed both of their lives. There are still many more adventures to be had, but together they can take on anything.

Otherside Picnic Episode 12 Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina won

What did you think?

The fight against Kakandara was pretty exciting although it was over fairly quickly. On one hand, I was a little disappointed, but then I thought we might find out a little more about Satsuki. We didn’t… We did get to spend a bit of quality time with Sorawo and Toriko which was nice. Even their little trip to the Otherside was nice.

There was one glaring issue with this episode and that was that they didn’t kiss. Now, you might be fooled into thinking this is a horror slash mystery series, but there is most definitely a romantic element to it in the weirdest manner imaginable. It was there though. We saw how they reacted to other girls getting too close to the one other and they genuinely made a wonderful couple. A kiss would have finished this season off in style.

Otherside Picnic Episode 12 Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina smiling

What have you learnt?

We’ve come through all twelve episodes and I think I have more questions than I started with. That’s a great thing for a series like this as its primary goal is to make you think and question things. There are a lot of things that I desperately want to find out more about and I hope that there will be a second season. If not, then I have the light novels to fall back on and I’m well into the first volume.

I liked that they came full circle and found themselves back where they first met. It gave them a chance to reflect on what’s happened to them since then and how they’ve changed. Not just that, but their relationship has blossomed and while we didn’t get anything confirmed, we all know. I’ve really enjoyed this series even with the continuity issues and will be waiting anxiously for more.

Otherside Picnic Episode 12 Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina reflecting

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