Otherside Picnic (Episode 9) – Mrs. Sannuki and Karateka

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Akari managed to track Sorawo and Toriko to Kozakura’s house as she needs their help once more. Here friend was visited by a monkey that left some teeth behind and a cryptic message. Sorawo knows exactly what is going on!

What happened?

Sorawo explains to Akari and the others that the legend goes that the monkey leaves the teeth. At some point later, you will be visited by an old lady known as Kano Sannuki who will ask for the teeth. She will give you more teeth which you must bury in your back garden and all will be well. Unfortunately, Akari’s friend threw the teeth away.

They arrive at Natsumi’s garage and find out a little more. Ever since the monkey’s visit things have been going from bad to worse. Sorawo believes that they need to find the teeth in order to put things right. Natsumi has no idea where they might be so they start searching. The first thing they find is a cremation urn full of teeth.

Soon after that, they found the skeletal remains of a dog and the missing shrine from her garage. Then, an old lady appears behind them and asks for the teeth. She says that she’s Kano Sannuki and since they haven’t given her any teeth, she will have to take some.

Otherside Picnic Episode 9 Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina

First, Natsumi grabs her mouth as blood trickles past her lips. She looks at her hand and sees a tooth sitting in the pool of blood. Akari rushes forward and threatens Kano Sannuki who then turns her attention to Akari. She screams as a tooth bursts free.

Sorawo looks at Sannuki and stops Toriko from attacking, afraid that she’ll lose a tooth too. She then tells Akari that it’s not an old woman and that she doesn’t need to hold back. Then, she says that she will be watching her and that her hits won’t miss.

This seems to empower Akari to another level. She rushes towards Kano Sunnuki and attacks. Eventually, she pins Sannuki to the floor and pounds on her until there is nothing left. Sorawo releases her from whatever hold she has on her. Natsumi and Akari hug, appearing to be more than just friends.

Sorawo decides that she will grow out her hair, much to the delight of Toriko. However, when Akari finds out, she realises that Sorawo looks quite like Satsuki. What does this mean for Sorawo?

Otherside Picnic Episode 9 Kano Sannuki

What did you think?

This was another creepy episode, although it’s odd that it all seems to be happening in the real world at the moment and not the Otherside. I get that the point is that things come across and cause problems, but I enjoyed it more when they were venturing into the Otherside and searching for Satsuki.

Talking about Satsuki, there’s is definitely more going on than we have been led to believe. Is Toriko with Sorawo because she reminds her of Satsuki or is there a greater connection between Sorawo and Satsuki? This episode raised even more questions than the last episode and that’s great. I do hope that we get to the bottom of things in the remaining episodes, although I have started reading the light novel.

Otherside Picnic Episode 9 Sorawo Kamikoshi

What have you learnt?

What did Sorawo do to Akari with her eye? The way that Akari reacted kind of reminded me of the way she did when they found the cat charm inside her in the last episode. Does that mean that Sorawo made her change that way or was it the charm? Damn it, what is the connection between Satsuki and Sorawo?

I love that this series continues to raise more and more questions. I’m completely hooked at this stage and the mystery is a big part. It’s great that the characters are integral to the mystery and that I find them interesting. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

Otherside Picnic Episode 9 Akari Seto kicking ass

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