Record of Ragnarok (Episode 11) – The Swallow Gazes into the Abyss

Record of Ragnarok Title

Kojiro Sasaki is injured and appears to be out of his depth. Poseidon won’t let up and eventually breaks his sword. Is this the end for Kojiro? Is humanity watching their chances slip away?

Record of Ragnarok (Episode 11) – The Swallow Gazes into the Abyss

What happened?

Kojiro’s injury isn’t holding him back as he blocks and evades Poseidon’s attacks. However, Poseidon is on another level when it comes to attempting to land a strike. No matter what Kojiro does, Poseidon seems to be able to avoid his attack and then turn it into a counter where Kojiro is forced to defend again. On one such occasion, Poseidon lands a blow on Kojiro’s sword, breaking it in two. Goll is devastated as she thinks that Hrist has fallen to the same fate as Randgriz and Reganleif.

However, thanks to Hrist’s unique status as a double power wielder she was able to survive and even transformed into two swords. Kojiro returned to the fight with renewed spirit as he channelled the strengths of every opponent he’s ever faced. After a flurry of attacks, he’s left Poseidon covered in cuts. Will this be enough or has he simply enraged his foe.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 11 Kojiro fights Poseidon

What did you think?

As the fight continued we were treated to more flashbacks from Kojiro’s past and they were excellent. I feel like we’ve got a much better sense of what makes Kojiro a person than we did with Lu Bu or Adam. As a result, I feel far more invested in this fight than in either of the previous two. Kojiro’s snipes at Poseidon have been particularly enjoyable too. He’s not only fighting him but looking to make him angry in the hopes of creating a weakness.

Only time will tell if that was a wise move or not. Either way, I am really enjoying this fight and with just one episode left, it looks like we will end the season on a high regardless of the outcome of the fight. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t write off a story before it’s got going.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 11 Kojiro

What have you learnt?

That said, I think you are doing yourself a huge disservice by not delivering a consistent approach to the story. Maybe Lu Bu and Adam didn’t have the type of character that would have benefited from that sort of character development, but then that raises more questions about the choice of fighters and not just from a stance of trying to create mismatches and not just putting your best against their best.

Personally, I would have liked to see more actual fighting and fewer flashes of fists, tridents, or swords. A beautifully choreographed fight scene can be incredible. You only need to look at movies such as The Matrix or Blade to find some good examples. I get that they are showing the speed and intensity of the gods, but it would have made for a more exciting fight. It’s been good at times, but nothing that truly takes your breath away.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 11 Kojiro looks into his past through his broken sword

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