Record of Ragnarok (Episode 12) – And Ragnarok Goes On

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Poseidon is done playing and unleashes a furious torrent of attacks on Kojiro. It’s almost too much, but then he hears his friends chanting his name. Kojiro finally accepts that he too wants to win!

Record of Ragnarok (Episode 12) – And Ragnarok Goes On

What happened?

Poseidon’s attack is so furious that it’s almost impossible to follow his movements. It’s just a blur of steel to the spectators. Kojiro struggles to keep up and with his wounds, it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs. He feels like he’s drowning, sinking to the depths of the ocean, but then he sees his old master and all his friends and rivals. They pull him back up, giving him the strength to continue. Kojiro realises that he would like to win, just this one time.

He channels his focus to the point that he can read the path of everything. He is truly in sync with the universe. He strides forward, dodging Poseidon’s attacks until he is close enough to do some real damage. Poseidon’s right hand is the first to feel Kojiro’s power. Poseidon grabs his severed hand with his other hand and thrusts the head of his trident towards Kojiro, but it’s of no use. Kojiro severe that hand too. Poseidon fights on, gripping his trident with his teeth. Kojiro strikes once more, slicing Poseidon in four.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 12 Kojiro turns the tide on Poseidon

What did you think?

This fight was epic! Like unbelievably epic. There was such a difference in the way this fight felt and that was because Kojiro was a relatable character and we spent the time seeing that. We saw how he impacted others and the respect that gained him. It was hard not to get on the Kojiro train and had the outcome been different, it would have hurt that much more. It was a spectacular win and it was the fight I had hoped for.

We saw the clear movements and the progression from bad to worse to ecstatic! Brunhilde’s reaction was priceless, but it was the stunned silence of the gods that made the moment that much more fantastic. This was not a great series, but these last four episodes have been incredible. Maybe they were that much better because of the first two fights. It’s possible, but I’m not convinced. The storytelling was better with this arc. Everything was better.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 12 Brunhilde and Goll celebrate

What have you learnt?

Ah, the power of friendship wins once more. The thing is, I don’t have a problem with this at all in this instance. Sometimes, it can come across as lazy, cheesy, and/or insincere, but this was beautiful. We’d seen Kojiro as a man and how he relished life. He searched for the strongest fighters so that he could learn from them. Unlike Lu Bu who simply sought to destroy everything until he found a worthy foe. Kojiro was a likeable character and that helped.

So, the season ended with the beginning of the next fight in which Hercules would face off against Jack the Ripper. I don’t know what the fascination with Jack the Ripper is other than the mystery of who he was, because he was a murdering piece of trash and there are so many people through history that deserve more recognition. My guess here is that Brunhilde intends to throw this round to appease the Greek gods and not lose a powerful fighter. Obviously, it probably won’t go that way, but we may never know unless a second season is made.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 12 Kojiro supported by his friends

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