Record of Ragnarok (Episode 7) – Expelled from Paradise

Record of Ragnarok Title

Zeus appears to be defeated so Brunhilde tells Goll about the time Adam was expelled from paradise, however, it didn’t go quite as the gods would have you believe.

Record of Ragnarok (Episode 7) – Expelled from Paradise

What happened?

Adam had been happy in the Garden of Eden. He had everything he needed, but one day a serpent tried to take Eve from him. When she refused his advances, he sought to destroy her by fabricating a lie about her eating an apple from the tree of knowledge. The gods would not listen to reason and banished her from paradise. However, Adam burst into the courtroom with two pails of apples. He then took a bite from each one and spat it on the floor. If Eve was going, so was he. The serpent tried to kill them both, but Adam used his ability to emulate skills to fight back.

Heimdall was about to declare Adam the champion when Zeus climbed to his feet. He spun his head back around and asked Adam why he fights. He could see no lust for revenge in his eyes. Adam told him that he didn’t need a reason to protect his children. Zeus decided that enough was enough and that he would need to change his form if he was to win this fight. When he was done, even Brunhilde couldn’t help but tremble in his presence!

Record of Ragnarok Episode 7 Zeus final form

What did you think?

This episode was a bit of a mixed bag. It started with Ares doing some sort of interview where he recounted the attack that snapped Zeus’ neck. That was pretty odd and didn’t work for me. Then, Hermes explained what actually happened to Ares. We didn’t really need that either, especially as we saw it happen!

I did, however, enjoy Adam’s back story and was quite surprised that I did. It was an interesting twist on the story of the Garden of Eden and I liked that it didn’t demonise Eve. In that way, I prefer it to the original. I was disappointed that Zeus got back up, but it was obvious since they kept saying that he’d been knocked out and not killed.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 7 The Serpent versus Adam and Eve

What have you learnt?

I’m still not sure what Adam was doing walking away in a death match. The rules stated that the bout ends when one of the combatants is dead. Not unconscious. Dead! It seems like the most common rookie mistake for the good guys in shows like this. It’s frustrating because they know the rules before the fight begins and still find themselves unable to finish it.

You didn’t see Thor walking away when Lu Bu was armless. He stepped up and finished it, confirming the win. I understand that they are trying to show that one side has more compassion or humility, but it always goes against them. It’s like when someone shoots the villain in a horror movie. Don’t get closer to check, just shoot them a bunch more times to make sure.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 7 Adam prepared to finish Zeus

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