Record of Ragnarok (Episode 3) – Killer Move

Record of Ragnarok Title

Lu Bu turns the tides of battle when he uses his valkyrie powered weapon, Shield Breaker to destroy Thor’s gloves making it impossible for him to wield Mjolnir… or so the legends go!

Record of Ragnarok (Episode 3) – Killer Move

What happened?

It turns out that the valkyries are using Ragnarok as their way to challenge the gods. Brunhilde has summoned all of the valkyries and is asking them to become weapons for the champions of humanity so that they can fight back against the gods. Randgriz was selected to become Lu Bu’s halberd due to her understanding of Thor’s weapons and her speciality as Shield Breaker. This should give Lu Bu the chance to alter the course of the fight… it should have!

However, it would appear that Járngreipr was actually protecting Mjolnir from Thor rather than the other way around. That was until Mjolnir awoke and that time has come. Mjolnir is a living weapon and now that it’s awake, it’s so much more dangerous. Thor throws Mjolnir at Lu Bu and has never missed… until now. However, he wasn’t trying to hit him, but was nearly charging Mjolnir up for his ultimate attack! Meanwhile, the lists of fighters for both sides have been revealed.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 3 Lu Bu Shield Breaker

What did you think?

The fight continues… but there were several great Brunhilde moments. My favourite was when she received the list of gods on her phone and the news appeared to momentarily blow her away. She sure has a range of expressions. However, that was almost matched by Zeus who was seriously getting turned on by the thought of what Brunhilde was doing. I guess being an all-powerful god doesn’t lend itself to too many surprises.

Seriously, why is this fight still going on? There’s just a lot of standing around with the occasional swing and dodge. On top of that, there’s been a lot of forced misdirection which comes across as quite disingenuous. I love some good misdirection, but this is not it.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 3 Brunhilde sees the full list of gods that will be fighting

What have you learnt?

What I mean by forced misdirection is that rather than the fighters attempting to throw one another off and create an opening, we’re getting all sorts of comments from the spectators claiming to advise us on the level of power of an attack. For example, Thor threw his hammer. Someone tells us it’s never missed its target. Lu Bu dodges. Wow! But wait, Mjolnir is coming back around. He’s not going to dodge this time. He dodged. Hang on, Thor wasn’t even trying to hit him but instead gathering centrifugal force for his real ultimate attack.

It just feels lazy. I don’t know how many ultimate attacks Thor has had so far, but that really shows a lack of understanding of the world ultimate. It means the last or final. Not the next strongest. This all seems to tie into the ever-increasing power levels of the characters. I don’t think there’s any way that Thor could take this fight any more serious, but he continues to do so. Can we just get to the next fight already?

Record of Ragnarok Episode 3 Zeus getting turned on

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