Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 13) – I, Too, Am… A Zombie…

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Babu brings us up to speed on the changes to the body from becoming a zombie. Meanwhile, Rea returns to school and is keen to start living a normal life for the first time in her life!

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 13) – I, Too, Am… A Zombie…

What happened?

Chihiro continues to struggle to keep Rea safe, especially when everything she wants to do might damage her body or speed up the decay. However, he doesn’t want to become Danichiro. With her coat packed full of dry ice, Rea returns to school accompanied by Chihiro. Of course, Ranko notices this and is quite perturbed that he has never walked her to school despite having early tennis practice every morning.

Everyone at school is delighted to see Rea back and looking happy once more. One teacher commented that Rea was getting more and more depressed before she went off. Rea was horrified that anyone could have noticed. Soon after, Rea gets to show off her zombie strength in a game of basketball where she performs a grand slam… or was it a slam dunk?

This worries Chihiro to no end. She may not feel pain, but any damage she does to her body now will be permanent. Rea tries to reassure him, but then it rains and she ends up finding some snails on the hydrangeas. Chihiro wants to protect her but when she tells him that her father never let her touch a snail, all he can do is hold the umbrella and watch her play.

Rea realises that she’s living on borrowed time and doesn’t want to waste it. However, she also doesn’t want to worry Chihiro too much. She’d hate it if anything happened to him. The next morning, she promised to take things a little easier.

High above them, however, is a plane flying into Tokyo airport with a strange passenger who is excited to meet a new zombie test subject.

Sankarea Episode 13 Rea stunning

What did you think?

This episode was a bonus that came with the DVD making it a thirteen-episode season and it functions very much like that. I was expecting it to be more like a full-blown OVA and have the cast doing something ridiculous, but it continued the story without much distraction. That said, having Babu narrate the episode was pretty odd, but the parallels between what he’s going through and what Rea is going through is fascinating.

We saw the new girl arriving on the plane and she was looking at research around zombies and noted that there was a phase where the zombie would attack someone close to them. We saw that with Baba and the girl cat he picked up. He almost bit her. Of course, Babu became a zombie a day before Rea so it could be warning us that Rea is going to turn on them soon. I’m not sure of the point of the tennis training beyond flashing some panties, but I suppose that might be a good enough reason. It’s odd to think this season ended like this but failed to deliver a second season. Luckily for me, I have the manga to jump into now.

Sankarea Episode 13 Babu wooing another cat

Episode highlights


Returning to School!




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