Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 5) – If She’s a Zombie… That Means…

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Chihiro needs to come up with a plan to save Rea’s body from decomposing, but first, he must clean the shrine with his family. However, his Grandpa says something surprising and then Ranko shows up!

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 5) – If She’s a Zombie… That Means…

What happened?

In the morning, Rea is still suffering from rigor mortis and can’t move. Chihiro needs to get on with his day, but he can’t leave her lying there. He makes a bed in his closet and attempts to move her, although that’s easier said than done. Once, she’s tucked away he can get to work. There’s no school today as he needs to help his family clean the shrine.

While cleaning, his father asks him about the cat. He feels he should have waited before getting a new one. However, Chihiro tells him it’s Babu back from the grave. His grandpa confirms it and then says that his reanimation formula should get more praise than it does. Hang on, what? Unfortunately, Grandpa can’t remember what he just said so decides to take a bath…

Not long after, Ranko shows up at the shrine with some lunch for them. She then asks Chihiro if he’s heard about Rea Sanka who has gone missing. She then asks him if she ran away to be with him… After all, his friends did say that he knew her. Chihiro laughs it off and tells her she’s crazy. She leaves but then decides to pop into Chihiro’s room and grab another zombie DVD.

She can’t decide which DVD to take, but then something jumps her. Ranko’s scream echoes around the shrine. Chihiro recognises it instantly and races to his room. Inside, he finds Ranko lying on the floor, pinned beneath Rea who has ripped open her shirt and is licking her boobs…

Chihiro pulls her off Ranko so she turns her attention to him and jumps. He catches her, but she leans in and kisses him before wrapping her arms around him and squeezing!

Sankarea Episode 5 Ranko asks Chihiro if hes her lover

What did you think?

There is something kind of relaxing about this series. It has some wonderful background shots and uses the camera really well to follow the characters as they go about their lives. The friend telling Ranko about Rea was a little too on the nose in terms of a cheap way to reveal some things about the Sanka family, but it was fine because it was extremely chill.

It makes perfect sense that Grandpa had something to do with the book. Chihiro said he found it while cleaning out his old house before he moved in with them, and we know that Grandpa has been eating hydrangea leaves. Is Grandpa a zombie too? Anyhow, that brings me to the next point I want to make.

Is Chihiro a moron? The answer to most of his problems seems to be staring him in the face… or rather strolling around on the roof and lying in the sun. He’s even commented on how Babu seems to be more normal again, but can’t quite put his finger on why. It’s the hydrangea leaves, dummy! Anyhow, the scene with Ranko and Rea more than made up for his shortcomings. Ranko is still the best girl, however!

Sankarea Episode 5 Rea lying on Ranko

Episode highlights

Hiding the Body!

Grandpa said what?!

Lunch Delivery!

Borrowing a DVD!

What’s Going On?!

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