Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 3) – Sanka… Rea

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Rea has been grounded, never to leave the house again, but then she hears what her father plans on doing to Chihiro and sneaks out to warn him. However, he’s busy trying to capture Babu!

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 3) – Sanka… Rea

What happened?

Rea woke the morning after consuming the poison to find it didn’t work. She put on a brave face and went down to breakfast. Her mother was furious, but also seemed to be enjoying it. Her father apologised for hitting her but then pointed out that no one could love her the way he does. As such, she would be homeschooled going forward. She just needed to change out of her school uniform.

Danichiro’s butler came in with some news so Rea was asked to leave, however, she listened at the door. She discovered that they found Chihiro and her father was planning on having him castrated… How could he do that to Chihiro? She had to get out and warn him, much to the amusement of Aria Sanka.

Meanwhile, Chihiro was busy trying to catch the reanimated corpse of Babu. Ranko was not happy with what he had done, especially as it could potentially lead to a zombie outbreak. Chihiro realised the error of his thinking and tried to catch Babu.

Babu led Chihiro to the abandoned hotel where he began to eat hydrangea leaves. That was when Rea showed up, walking along the cliff that he had previously saved her from. However, her father showed up and demanded she come home. She refused, hitting his hand away. He tried again and dragged her along the side of the cliff.

Babu tried to save her, but Danichiro overreacted, knocking Rea off the cliff. She hit the ground with a thud having split open her belly on a tree stump. Chihiro and Danichiro watched in horror as it happened. But then, Rea got up and staggered to Chihiro.

Sankarea Episode 3 Rea looking for Chihiro

What did you think?

Once more, there was very little in the way of comedy in this episode, although you could argue Danichiro’s plan on how to deal with Chihiro was pretty funny… However, Chihiro is really showing what a moron he is. How could he leave Ranko behind, especially as it was about to rain and she appeared to be stuck in a storm drain!

I still can’t get over what a psychopath her father is. Even when he’s appearing to be nice, his words are cutting. The way he manipulates her is distressing. Also, have you noticed how he only takes his gloves off to touch Rea? That guy needs some serious help.

Seeing Rea get up and stagger towards Chihiro was excellent. Her intestines were hanging from a huge cut to her abdomen, but she appears to still be herself. Well… as much as you can be when you’ve just died!

Sankarea Episode 3 Chihiro Mero and Ranko looking at Babu

Episode highlights

A Missed Opportunity!

Father’s Fury!

Cat Hunt!

Lady Sanka looking for fun!

Danichiro hunting Rea!

Rea’s Dead!

Mixed Emotions!

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