Sankarea: Undying Love (Discussion 3) – Zombies like Boobs!

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The zombie formula works. Yeah! However, Rea died in a tragic accident. Oh no! And now, she’s living at Chihiro’s house, well, living might not be the right word for it!

Sankarea: Undying Love (Discussion 3) – Zombies like Boobs!

What happened?

This is the third discussion post based on the anime series – Sankarea: Undying Love that I watched with Yomu from the Umai Yomu Anime Blog. This post was originally published on my old site back in 2019 and since I’m rewatching the series and reading the manga, it seemed like a great time to bring this back.

The discussion below has not been changed and represents our views at that time. It’s interesting seeing how much we spotted the first time around and I’m waiting to see if we missed anything. So far so good. Let’s see if the streak continues!

Sankarea Episode 4 Rea grabbed Chihiro

What did you think?

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It’s ZomRomCom time again, so let’s explore the wonder that is Sankarea: Undying Love! This week we’ll be discussing episodes four and five. Last week, Rea died and came back as a zombie, so I’m sure there’s going to be lots to talk about. Yomu, would you like to start things off?

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You got it. Episode four was pretty much what I was expecting. Rea’s father has sworn to get revenge on Chihiro for “deceiving his daughter”, even though he was the one who knocked her off the cliff. I have a feeling he’s going to become more and more insane as the show goes on. Rea has also begun adjusting to zombie life, first by stitching up the giant wound in her stomach area. I have to admit, I’m liking zombie Rea, with her red eyes and pale skin. There was one moment where she holds her arms up and pretends to act like a zombie, and it’s pretty cute!

And speaking of eyes, the anime pointed out that Babu’s irises are back to normal – are you thinking what I’m thinking about what caused this?

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Yes, definitely. It’s got to be the hydrangea leaves. I’m not sure how Chihiro missed that. There was even a moment at the start of episode five where he was wondering how he was going to stop Rea from decomposing while staring at Babu walking across the rooftops… He really doesn’t seem to be that smart at this stage. Oh, and yes, Rea’s father seems to have accepted her death all too well, except for the bathtub full of the naked birthday photos he took of her over the years! Nuts!

Oh, and Ranko didn’t drown in the drain. Yeah! Although she was understandably pissed at Chihiro. And finally, you’re right, Rea seems far more alive since she died!

Sankarea Episode 4 Jogorou confused calling Rea Sada
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Haha yeah! Glad to see Ranko didn’t drown, although I would have been fine with zombie Ranko… the idea of being stuck in a drain just seems too horrible. While Ranko was confronting Chihiro outside, zombie Rea decided to take a shower. I’m going to be honest, I prefer more subtle fanservice over the straight shower/bathtub naked type of fanservice. I thought it was funny how she couldn’t tell whether the water was hot or cold… but she enjoyed it regardless. That is, until she went back upstairs and started to.. die?

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That was a nice touch, her not being able to feel hot and cold. Makes me wonder whether she can feel anything. That might make for some pretty horrific accidents.

Oh and there’s still plenty of time for zombie Ranko, although I personally think she could do better… Is it too soon to talk about the titillating revelation at the end of episode five? Can’t say I’m all that surprised, but it was bizarre all the same.

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Not at all, I’m sure the ending of episode 5 is what’s on both of our minds. Chihiro still doesn’t realize that the hydrangea leaves are the key to keeping a zombie “alive”, so instead he throws Rea in his closet and cranks up the AC until he can figure something out. Ranko just so happens to stumble in there and find Rea, who seems to have become more like a zombie, but not the traditional kind. Arguably better than the traditional kind, I suppose! I’ll let you explain, or maybe you’d want to just explain with some pictures seeing as you’re hosting the post this time around.

Sankarea Episode 5 Rea smells Rankos boobs
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Haha! Yes, thanks… So, Rea acting much more like a zombie jumps on top of Ranko, blood oozing from her wound. She’s still able to talk, which probably throws Ranko off a little bit, but she’s cold and blue. Next thing you know, Rea is ripping open Ranko’s shirt and lavishly licking her chest… That’s right, apparently, it’s not brains that drive a zombie!

This now gives me a chance to throw a possible explanation that may help get Chihiro back on track and possibly give the writers some credibility. I think Ranko may have some sort of perfume on that is scented with… that’s right… hydrangeas. Well, at least that’s the only explanation that gives Rea’s action some sort of reason beyond them just deciding that zombies like boobs!

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Oh, I never thought about that, but that sounds about right! It’s either that or she was working around hydrangeas earlier in the day. Either way that definitely seems like the case.

So, what was your favourite moment out of episodes four & five?

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My favourite moment was when Chihiro’s grandfather suddenly rediscovered his youth and leapt on Rea while she was having a shower, mistaking her for someone he knew long ago. I still think there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Sankarea Episode 4 Rea acting like a zombie
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Yeah, Chihiro’s grandfather was a bit of an enigma at first. We know he’s a zombie, but the anime has made it clear that he still knows something that we don’t.

As for me, I’m sticking with the moment right after Rea stitches herself up, when she puts her hands up and pretends to be a zombie. Just a really cute moment!

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Yes, that was a good one too. Obviously, there’s still lots to happen. We can’t forget about Rea’s father and I feel like Chihiro’s sister is going to become relevant with her medical studies. So, got any predictions?

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I think you’ve covered pretty much everything I can think of. Chihiro will have to discover the secret behind the hydrangea leaves next episode for sure. This isn’t really a prediction, but I do wonder how Ranko is going to react to zombie Rea, once things settle down. Now that she knows she has to compete with a zombie for her love interest, I’m curious to see what she’ll do!

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We’ve certainly got a lot to look forward to. At very least the sixth episode will likely pick up where the fifth ending… zombie Rea pinning Ranko to the ground as she licks her chest… Guess we better get back to watching it.

So, that was the third collab review post of Sankarea: Undying Love. Make sure to follow Yomu so that you get the next review. Has anyone felt inspired enough to watch this series based on our discussions? If you have let us know, it would be great to know that we’re not the only ones going through it. Thanks for reading.

Sankarea Episode 5 Rea lying on Ranko

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