The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 5) – A Little Sister’s Morning Demon Lording

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The Testament of Sister New Devil Title

Basara is still coming to terms with living with Mio and Maria and it’s not all smooth sailing. Then, when Yuki sneaks in and tries to compete for Basara’s attention it doesn’t get any easier!

The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 5) – A Little Sister’s Morning Demon Lording

What happened?

Basara was woken by something in his bed. Actually, it was inside his shirt and it was Maria… Of course, Maria was nude and rubbing herself against him. It’s hard to control those succubus urges. When Basara finally gets away from her, he bumps into Mio getting out of the shower. He tries to stop her from screaming, but slips and they end up in a heap on the ground with Mio’s bum in Basara’s face!

Once Mio storms out, Basara can get to washing up for school, but then Yuki appears and using her hero magic is able to move around unseen by Mio and Maria. However, Mio spots her clothes and gets jealous, activating the curse. Basara carries her to the bedroom to take care of that, leaving Yuki to get dressed.

Basara meets up with Lars at a restaurant so that they can discuss their secret alliance. Lars tells him that he can increase his and Mio’s power through the succubus Master/Servant. The more they arouse one another the greater the increase. Then, the school nurse, Chisato asks to join them to escape from some amorous men. Basara walks her home and they have a little moment.

Lars meets up with Valga who has come to aid in the capture of Mio. Moments later, Zest appears with more news from the demon realm… Meanwhile, Basara asked Maria for help with using the Master/Servant bond to power up. What was he thinking? But fear not, Maria has lots of advice to give and takes great pleasure in doing so!

The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 5 Maria wakes Basara

What did you think?

So, the last episode was a pretty tame affair, which was surprising after what came before it. Well, worry not, ecchi fans. This episode more than makes up for it with tons and tons of great ecchi moments. There’s sometimes a thin line between ecchi and hentai and this episode treads that line very carefully. If only Basara was a little more confident. There were some interesting developments in the story, not the least the arrival of more heroes. Beyond this point, this post is most definitely not safe for work!

Episode highlights

Good Morning!

Slip and Fall!

Sneak Attack!


Lunch Meeting!

Demons are Coming!

Bath Time!

Advice from a Succubus!

Back to School!

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