Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World (Episode 10) – Melancholy

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Title

Michio and Roxanne meet a solo explorer in the Quratar labyrinth who is about to enter a boss fight. He’s feeling lucky, but when it’s their turn the boss is waiting for them and there’s some abandoned equipment!

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World (Episode 10) – Melancholy

What happened?

The boss was waiting for them because it had just defeated the solo explorer and the labyrinth had already consumed his body. All that remained was a pile of clothes, his sword, and his crystal. After easily defeating the boss, Michio merges his crystal with the solo explorer’s crystal which was still black. That night, Michio couldn’t get the image of the solo explorer out of his head. He saw his smiling face as he went into the boss room and then the pile of clothes. Life was not guaranteed in this world.

Roxanne comforted him, aware of the troubles that plagued his mind. He knew that it could happen to him at any time, and then what would happen to Roxanne? Would she really follow him to the grave? It required some more consideration, but another trip to the labyrinth soon took his mind off the matter, especially as they had just collected three-hundred rabbit pelts to sell to a tailor. While they counted the pelts, Michio looked around and found a satin nightie. Roxanne liked the look of it so he bought her two.

They returned to the labyrinth and continued to climb, but now they were regularly facing three monsters at once. When Michio hurt his finger defeating a bull, he realised that they needed another party member if they were to continue to climb the labyrinth. Luckily, he had Roxanne to kiss his injuries and bring him back to full health. They also found a skill stone which would be yet another reason to buy a new party member.

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Episode 10 Michio and Roxanne find the next boss already waiting for them

What did you think?

Michio gets another healthy dose of reality in this episode. It was a similar moment to the one in the first episode when he killed the bandits. This time, it was focused on his own life and not the fact that he had killed others. Hopefully, he’ll learn a valuable lesson just like the first time. It certainly gave him a new perspective on things. I did like that it showed him struggling with it and then Roxanne comforting him. Damn, she’s good. She knows just how to resolve these sorts of issues. Her healing powers are also fairly spectacular. Michio, you lucky, lucky man!

Of course, all of this was the build-up to the idea that Michio would need a new party member. He’s dabbled with it before, but now it seems like they really do need it. Plus, he has the funds to do it without crippling them financially. So, when Roxanne finds a skill stone, the answer seems fairly obvious – they need a dwarven blacksmith so that they can add the skill stone to equipment. I’m sure you can see where this is going and in this world, it seems fairly common, however, I still want to know how Roxanne became a slave. For all the little details we’ve been given, this seems like a massive omission. Did they just forget or are they making us wait?

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  1. I’ve finished watching this anime series, but I can only watch it in the middle of the night, I feel like it’s a hentai anime, I’m embarrassed to watch it, I like female characters.

    • It’s definitely one of those shows to watch with the door closed and the lights off. The girls are great.

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