Citrus (Episode 8) – war of love

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Yuzu meets up with Matsuri after school, however, she brought Mei along with her. Obviously, Matsuri isn’t impressed and soon finds a way to get back at Mei. Meanwhile, Yuzu is preparing for the family Christmas party!

Citrus (Episode 8) – war of love

What happened?

Matsuri is delighted to finally see Yuzu after she’s finished school. She was a little annoyed that it took so long as Yuzu went home to change first. When did she become so keen to follow the rules? To make things worse, Yuzu brought Mei with her. Matsuri then focuses all of her time and effort on making Yuzu feel back about it and finding ways to make a scene. Eventually, Matsuri gets so annoyed that she runs off, leaving Yuzu to try to find her.

Once Yuzu has gone, Matsuri returns to confront Mei. She asks that they talk somewhere less public and leads her to the parking building. There she tells Mei to stay away from Yuzu, accusing her of twisting Yuzu and using her. Mei tells Matsuri that she’s the one that needs to back off. Then, she grabs her and kisses her. When it’s done, Mei tells Matsuri that she stole a kiss from Yuzu and now Mei had taken it back. You might think that would be the end of it, however, Matsuri had two kids taking pictures with her phone, expecting to get a shot of Mei hitting Matsuri. This is far better!

Yuzu finally finds Mei and then gets a call from Matsuri telling her she’s already gone home. On the way to the train station, Yuzu tells Mei that her family has a Christmas party every year and that she should mark it in her calendar. The trains have all been cancelled due to snow, which means they have to walk home after a couple of minutes of waiting for a bus that’ll never come. Of course, Matsuri isn’t done with Mei and stops her on her way home for the Christmas party. What is she planning?

Citrus Episode 8 Matsuri meets Mei after school

What did you think?

Matsuri really is a jerk. I’m not looking forward to what comes next and kind of hope the anime takes a different direction. I wish Yuzu would realise what a pain Matsuri is, but she keeps thinking that she was the one being unreasonable. She’s too empathetic for her own good and wishes she could be more like Mei. However, even as she realises that Mei is a bit of a mess inside, despite her calm and cool exterior, Mei tells her that she’s always looking for warmth from others because she’s a mess. It was a nice scene because they are actually being open with one another, which is preferable to all of the pretending and trying to be nonchalant.

I do have one issue that I’d like to bring up and that is the criminal amount of screen time Harumi has received. Of course, this is all about Mei and Yuzu and rightly so, but I’d love to see much more of Harumi. She brings a comedic element to the show without being too over the top. Hopefully, we’ll see more of her in the final three episodes if it goes with the arc I’m expecting. I am still enjoying the anime, almost as much as the manga and haven’t noticed too many deviations. It’s been really well done.

Citrus Episode 8 Mei kisses Matsuri

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