Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 3) – The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 1 Castle Grayskull

Teela, Evil-Lyn, and Andra track down Duncan, but not before Tri-Klops and his techno-cult show up and try to eradicate even more magical artefacts. Even if they escape, will they be able to convince Duncan to join them?

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 3) – The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia

What happened?

Duncan was collecting some rationed magical water from a fountain when they were attacked by Tri-Klops and his followers. They are determined to destroy every last piece of magic in Eternia and quickly vaporise the fountain. Duncan manages to save an old man and hold up a fight against them, but he is vastly outnumbered and outgunned.

Luckily, Teela, Andra, and Evil-Lyn show up and save him from a quick death. However, even then they are still outnumbered and once captured, Tri-Klops attempts to get Evil-Lyn to join him. He hadn’t counted on Beast-Man showing up and whipping the floor with him before sending him packing. They try to convince Duncan to come with them as they need him to reforge the Sword of Power, but he refuses.

They follow him back to his house where they find a sickly looking Orko who the magical water was for. Mages and sorcerers have been hit hardest since the disappearance of magic. even so, Orko is determined to help even if Duncan won’t. Luckily, Roboto lives there and since he is modelled on Duncan’s memories, he can forge the Sword of Power.

Then Duncan decides to come with them, but Teela tells him to protect the Sorceress as she only has Cringer for protection and Tri-Klops is bound to attack Grayskull at some point. He agrees but then shows up to save them from Mer-Man as they cross the seas to the entrance to Subternia. They arrive and begin their descent into the underworld!

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 3 Evil Lyn and Tri Klops

What did you think?

I’m really enjoying the Evil-Lyn and Teela dynamic. They work well together as frenemies. Both are strong characters with troubled pasts that have been held back by another person in their lives. I also loved the way they introduced Beast-Man and made him Evil-Lyn’s protector. It’s great seeing all these characters reappear along with familiar technology and the lavish fantasy world of Eternia. It would be easy to get lost in all of the nostalgia.

However, this episode like the one before seemed to push things forward at a million miles an hour. I found Duncan flip-flopping between wanting to stay home and then go with them to be annoying. He’s a great character and deserves better than that. Then, having him show up again to save everyone from Mer-Man felt a little too much, especially how Teela and Duncan pretty much made up for everything immediately afterwards.

This show seems to want to be something akin to Castlevania but at the same time is afraid to really go for it. The explanation of He-Man’s cheesy lines was a nice touch and almost gave it a get out on why there was stuff like that, but it wasn’t limited to He-Man. I would have loved for this series to really embrace the older audience that has grown up with this series and give us something a little darker and edgier.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 3 Teela and Duncan

What have you learnt?

So far, the plot has been pretty boring. If it wasn’t for the existing connection to the characters and the world, I don’t think this would have stood on its own. The reliance on dropping in characters and places to keep the audiences’ attention is a little disappointing. It’s not bad, but it’s not doing anything to make me really take note. There’s still plenty of time for that to change, but the way it’s been structured so far doesn’t make me think that this will become more character-led anytime soon.

I’ve often gone on about how getting the characters right will let you get away with a slower storyline. This show has the characters but hasn’t really used them. Other than looking cool, they haven’t done anything to pull you in. The constant flip-flopping doesn’t help. I also feel like there should be a little more conflict within the group. There’s a lot of history between these characters and so far, it’s as if they’ve always been friends. I just want a little more development in their relationships. There’s so much potential there.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 3 Evil Lyn and Teela

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