Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 4) – Land of the Dead

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 1 Castle Grayskull

Once in Subternia, the group find themselves split up and facing off against their fears. Teela is singled out by Scare-Glow as he offers her half the sword of power in exchange for her fear!

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Episode 4) – Land of the Dead

What happened?

Teela tried to warn everyone to be vigilant but when she turned around they were already gone. She pushed on alone, following a trail of flowing rocks until a green mist surrounded her and a skull appeared from the shadows. Scare-Glow gave Teela a proposition – let him feast on her fear for the sword that she seeks. Teela agreed providing everyone would be saved. He accepted.

Orko and Evil-Lyn found themselves in what looked like Trolla, Orko’s homeworld, however, it seemed deserted. Evil-Lyn was sure it was an illusion, but Orko wondered if it were a reflection of reality. Was he the last of his kind? He opened up to Evil-Lyn about his real name and how he’d endlessly disappointed his family. Evil-Lyn revealed that she added the Evil part to her name.

Andra, Roboto, and Beast-Man found themselves in a dead wasteland fighting zombies and fire-bats, although each only saw the one they feared the most. The attack was relentless. Luckily, Roboto was not programmed for fear and was able to assist.

Teela fought an illusion of He-Man as Scare-Glow probed her to discover her true fear. Eventually, he realised that her’s was a special case. She was afraid of not being ordinary. She didn’t know her parents and worried about what she might become. Regardless, she owned it and claimed half of the sword of power. Evil-Lyn used it to open a doorway to Preternia, but Scare-Glow was not prepared to let them leave. Orko stepped up and held him back. Evil-Lyn tried to help, but her power was exhausted…

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 4 Orko protects everyone

What did you think?

This was easily my favourite episode so far and not just because Evil-Lyn said “bollocks” when she had no power and was facing a giant shadow-beast. After the first three episodes, I was still uncertain as to whether this is primarily a series for kids or the older fans of the series like myself who would want to see a more mature story. I’m still not convinced either way, but this felt like a step in the right direction.

I loved the conversation between Orko and Evil-Lyn and how his original name was Oracle, but as a child, it was mispronounced and it stuck. There was a lot of depth to his words and they seemed to resonate with Evil-Lyn who no doubt has a truly fascinating back story. I hope we’ll one day find out more about her.

Orko’s sacrifice at the end was spectacular and while it was red-flagged all the way through the episode, it was still a great moment. It certainly reminded me of Gandalf standing between his fleeing party and the Balrog in Lord of the Rings. However, I understand that Teela and the others would be upset, but suddenly blaming Evil-Lyn felt a bit too contrived.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 4 Evil Lyn opens gateway to Preternia

What have you learnt?

Another thing that is bothering me was Teela’s trial in this episode. She fought He-Man and then herself. There was a lot of talking as Scare-Glow tried to probe for her fear and once he found it, she just kind of accepted it and was given the sword anyhow. It felt a little too easy in that sense. She didn’t actually have to really overcome any obstacles. Even the battle with He-Man wasn’t designed to defeat her.

I love Teela’s evolution for this series, but since then everything has just fallen into her lap. Orko and Evil-Lyn’s development was probably the best in the series so far. Of course, Orko sacrificing himself will add to Evil-Lyn’s development, especially as she was unable to help and then accused of being responsible. I also find it ironic that she’s been the most reliable and consistent character so far.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Episode 4 Teela fighting her fears

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