My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 7) – Sneaky Student Council President

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As if things couldn’t get worse for Hayato! Rin Misumi has moved in next door with her older sister who is also the school nurse. If she finds out he’s living with Ui it will spell disaster!

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 7) – Sneaky Student Council President

What happened?

Rin and Kei went to meet their new neighbour and Rin was surprised to discover that it was Hayato. To be fair, he was equally as surprised. There’s no way he can let her know that he’s living with Ui. It would destroy their school standings and much more. So, when Rin comes over to borrow a pot, Hayato quickly hides Ui. Soon after, as Hayato was trying to cook dinner, Rin returned with a pot of miso soup for him to thank him. He gets distracted by her cleavage as she asks to borrow his notes from class and forgets about the cooking.

When Rin smells smoke they both run inside to check. Hayato is relieved to find the house hasn’t burnt down, but dinner is ruined. Ui is nowhere to be seen, thankfully. Rin sits on the couch while Hayato gets his notes from class, but when he returns, Rin has made a startling discovery – a pair of girl’s panties. Hayato claims they belong to his aunt, but Rin is not convinced. She asks to use the washroom, but Hayato notices Ui following Rin and drags her into the toilet. He tells her to be quiet, but the small room and their close proximity give Ui lewd ideas.

When Hayato finally comes out of the toilet, after getting quite hot and bothered, Rin has found a girl’s Chapstick. He tries to say it’s his aunts, but Rin is still not buying it. Finally, he tells her that the panties and the Chapstick are his…

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 7 Rin and Kei Misumi

What did you think?

This was yet another great episode full of outrageous moments and awkward situations. There’s something that much funnier about the shows where they focus on the tease. Sure, Ui is quite outlandish in her decision making, but her spying on Rin was just too funny. And finally, I knew Hayato was going to say it was his, but that didn’t make it any less entertaining. Sometimes, the familiar tropes are the best ones. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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