My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 8) – The Vice President and the Two Infirmary Devils

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My Wife is the Student Council President Title

After telling Rin that the panties and Chapstick were his, he’s had to keep an eye out for her, however, after a night studying for an exam, Hayato bumps into Rin and her sister and is whisked away to the nurse’s room!

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 8) – The Vice President and the Two Infirmary Devils

What happened?

Hayato bumped into Rin and Kei as he was leaving for school. He made sure to leave at a different time to Ui so that no one would suspect they were living together. However, Hayato looked tired, so Kei, the school nurse dragged him to school and put him to bed in the nurse’s room. She then said she was going to help him to get his crossdressing fantasy out of the way so that he could sleep like normal again…

He couldn’t believe that Rin had told Kei, but that was nothing. Kei hopped onto the bed and straddled Hayato so that she could apply his makeup. However, all that movement was having an effect on Hayato and he was struggling to keep cool. When Kei, noticed she seemed to enjoy it even more. But then, Rin pushed her older sister off of Hayato. Kei said that Rin could do it and that she should have been more open about her feelings… whatever that means…

Rin applied Hayato’s makeup and as she was doing it, he fell asleep. Later Kei came back to the room with a wig and goes to take her panties off. After all, it’s not the full fantasy if Hayato isn’t wearing panties… Rin can’t believe she would do that, so Kei tells her to do it… and she does. However, when she turns back to the bed, Kei is straddling Hayato once more and taking off her bra. She then says that Hayato looks so good as a girl she was going to relieve some sexual frustration… Rin is further shocked, but Kei then pulled her on top of Hayato too.

That’s when he woke up to find Rin’s naked bum no less a couple of inches from his face. Is this heaven? Yes and no. Rin promptly kicks him in the head and causes him to forget all of the studying he had been doing.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 8 Kei takes Hayato to the nurses room Rins surprised

What did you think?

It was a simple episode, but it was also the greatest thing in the world ever! This series is amazingly funny. I didn’t stop laughing all the way through. Then, when you throw in Rin and Kei, it just raised the temperature in the room. Kei is incredible, and we already know how I feel about Rin. Hayato is quite possibly the luckiest guy in anime, although these new love interests are bound to cause even more issues with Ui. As nice as Ui is, I know where I would direct my attention. This episode was smoking hot!

Episode highlights

To the Nurses Room!

Crossdressing can’t sleep!

Your Turn!

The Finishing Touch!

Don’t Wake Him!

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