My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 22) – The President and Disciplinary Committee Head’s Troubles

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It would appear that everyone has realised how Rin feels about Hayato… well, everyone but Rin. Even Ui can’t watch her in this state and invites her to help her shop for Hayato’s birthday present. What will they get him?

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 22) – The President and Disciplinary Committee Head’s Troubles

What happened?

Rin met up with her older sister for lunch and found Saijou there. It would appear that Kei is popular with the photography club and its patrons. Sawatari arrives later with some drinks and food. Rin is struggling to come to terms with the idea that discipline at the school is at an all-time high and it looks like it’s down to Ui’s initiatives.

Kei suggests that Rin should experience some romance, however, Rin has no idea how to go about that. Luckily, Kei is on hand to explain one of her fantasies in graphic detail. She even uses her lunch to demonstrate some of it.

Rin and Sawatari run away, shocked at the crudeness of Kei. They soon bump into Ui who is exceptionally happy. It turns out it’s Hayato’s birthday soon and Ui is planning on getting him a present. Rin then claims to not have a crush on anyone and both Ui and Sawatari call her out on it. Rin, however, remains clueless.

Ui takes Rin and Sawatari to help her buy a present for Hayato and they end up at a lingerie store trying on sheer Babydolls. Rin still doesn’t understand what is going on and Sawatari asks Ui to give her time to work it out. Ui welcomes Rin as a rival when the time comes. Rin still doesn’t know what is going on.

Eventually, they get Hayato a shirt as Rin isn’t ready to face up to the truth that she likes him. He seems happy with his present, but it could have been so much more…

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 22 Rin and Ui

What did you think?

So, Rin still hasn’t become aware of her feelings for Hayato. It’s so glaringly obvious, however, that even Ui has taken pity on her. Maybe, Ui is feeling guilty for forcing herself into a situation with Hayato… Either way, this has the makings for a pretty interesting final couple of episodes. I just hope everyone realises how they feel and finds a way to make everyone happy… the audience included! Also, does anyone know how you get the job of being Kei’s slave? Asking for a friend!

Episode highlights

Lunch Lesson!

Come Shopping!

Happy Birthday!

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