My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 19) – The Unrelenting Battle of the President and the Disciplinary Committee Head

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My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Kei accidentally tells Rin that Hayato and Ui are living together, and before she can even try to backtrack, Rin has marched over there and is demanding an explanation. Looks like it’s game over, Hayato!

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 19) – The Unrelenting Battle of the President and the Disciplinary Committee Head

What happened?

Kei was in the shower and noticed that they were out of shampoo and conditioner so she called for Rin to bring some more. When Rin opened the door to the bathroom, Kei soaked her with the shower. It turned out that Kei merely required Rin to wash her back. Rin then told her that they were completely out of conditioner. Kei said she should have gone over to Hayato’s to get some.

Rin didn’t think that even Hayato would have girly conditioner. However, Kei said that Ui would have some as she’s living there too… Oops! Rin couldn’t believe what she was hearing and raced over to confront them about the situation.

Hayato was on his knees as Rin asked what was going on. Ui, however, was far too nonchalant for the occasion and it was getting to Rin. She felt like they had been laughing at her for not knowing and was determined to discover if there were any lewd activities going on.

She marched into Hayato’s room and began to search for porn. Of course, Hayato had moved it all when Ui moved in and was confident that Rin wouldn’t find anything. But, she did find something. She found the condom that Kei had given him and Ui tried to answer for Hayato… Not sure if that made it better or worse. She then showed Rin where to find his porn…

They searched through the folders on his laptop and were surprised to see that it was all big boob porn. That seemed to cheer Rin up, although Ui then got defensive and put Hayato’s hand on her boob. Rin then did the same. After a moment of whatever that was, Kei interrupted them, Hayato pulled his hand back and exposed Rin’s breast… Things are about to get a lot more annoying for Hayato!

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 19 Ui and Rin

What did you think?

So, we finally got to the point where Rin discovered that Hayato and Ui were living together. Now, I’ve seen some comments online about how Hayato is a cheater and Rin a homewrecker, but I think that is the most asinine take on this show. If anything, Ui is the fatal attraction stalker and Rin is the natural love interest. Ui moved in and forced the situation on Hayato, whereas his relationship with Rin has developed over time and I think it is the more believable one. This episode was funny and also delivered a shower scene. I can’t wait to see how this develops further.

Episode highlights

Pass the Shampoo!

The Truth is Out There!

Searching for Lewdness!

Who likes Boobs?!


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    • Haha! Indeed. All they found on his computer were screen shots of the My Wife is the Student Council President anime… lol!

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