My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 21) – The Photography Club President’s Hidden Desire

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My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Things are getting extra stressful for Hayato now that Rin is living next door. So, when Saijou, the president of the photography club shows up, he knows that something is about to happen. What could it be?

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 21) – The Photography Club President’s Hidden Desire

What happened?

Rin and Ui have been shooting each other glares all the way to school and it’s utterly exhausting for Hayato. Desperate to get away from it all, he sneaks off for some alone time, however, he bumps into the president of the photography club, Saijou. She appears to be following him around which is never a good sign.

Hayato takes her to the student council room to try to get some answers. She reveals that she needs to capture the essence of romance. Then, bizarrely, she almost kisses Hayato. However, Rin bursts into the room and puts a stop to it. Saijou is fine with that, she needs to be able to take a picture of it anyway.

Rin and Ui have a draw to see who will kiss Hayato for Saijou’s photography project. Rin wins but then struggles to go through with it. Strangely, Hayato is the one to call it off first, which infuriates Rin and now she wants to do it. They lean in, getting close and close. Saijou removes her shorts (and panties) and throws them on Sawatari’ head…

At the last second, Rin pushes Hayato away and runs off. Ui steps in and says that she won’t back down, but then Hayato runs off as well.

Saijou catches up with Hayato in the stairwell and jumps down to meet him. However, she didn’t realise that she took her panties off and flashes Hayato her bum. She’s not worried though as she thinks maybe she should date him!

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 21 Saijou Honoka taking photos

What did you think?

I think this episode showed us more of how Rin and Hayato are thinking. Rin pulling away from the kiss at the last second makes me think that she wanted to do it but doesn’t want their first kiss to be in front of everyone and have no meaning. She obviously likes Hayato and I think Saijou knows it too. Part of me thinks she set this all up to try and make Rin realise it too. Hayato running away from kissing Ui leads me to believe that he too is struggling to realise how he feels about Rin. Saijou makes some wild declarations but I think she’s just messing with everyone.

Episode highlights

The Walk to School!


The Kiss!

A New Player!

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