Overlord (Episode 3) – Battle at Carne Village

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Momonga is practising with a mirror that allows him to survey the surrounding area when he stumbles upon a village being attacked by knights. His first thought is to ignore it, but then he remembers when TouchMe saved him!

Overlord (Episode 3) – Battle at Carne Village

What did you watch?

And I’m back with Momonga as he comes to terms with being a lich wizard in body and mind. It can’t have been an easy transition, but it’s also one of the most interesting aspects of this show. He hasn’t simply appeared in a new world with his existing body or been reborn into a new one. His consciousness has moved into his avatar and he’s now starting to feel changes to his personality. Anyhow, let’s go watch him glide around the scenes and impose himself on everyone and everything.

Overlord Episode 3 Momonga and the magic mirror

What happened?

Momonga was keen to learn about the surrounding area so that he could make preparations for anything that happened. To do that, he was using a magic mirror that allowed him to see places without the need to actually be there. He discovered a village the Tomb of Nazarick but it was being attacked by knights. They were slaughtering everyone they found. Momonga was surprised to see that he felt nothing for the murdered humans. Maybe, his mind had changed when he inhabited this body. He was about to move on when he remembered the time TouchMe saved him in Yggdrasil. Momonga told Sebas to have Albedo meet him at the village. It was time to test his powers!

Momonga emerged from a portal before to knights who were closing in on two young girls. They froze in panic when they saw him. Momonga used a spell to crush one of their hearts and then lighting to fry the other. Then, he turned one of the corpses into a Dead Knight and sent it into the village with the orders to kill anyone dressed the same as the knights. Momonga gave the girls a potion to heal their injuries and then cast a protection spell around them. Before leaving he gave them two horns that would summon an army of goblins who would obey their commands. They thanked him and asked his name. He told them that he was Ainz Ooal Gown and that they should spread his name. Then, he went to take care of the remaining knights.

Overlord Episode 3 Momonga threatens the knights

What did you think?

It was a fantastic episode. Seeing Momonga rationalise saving the village was fascinating. His new body stopped him from feeling anything when he witnessed the carnage and death, but the memory of a former player gave him the push to step in. It was also quite beneficial to him since he was able to effectively take control of the village and gain valuable knowledge about the area. His ability to think on his feet is amazing and it shows why he was so good in the game. He’s constantly assessing the situation and makes good decisions as a result. It was nice to see him start to show his powers too, although the next episode is the first time we really see him let go. I’m excited!

Overlord Episode 3 Momonga comes to the rescue of Carne Village

What was your favourite moment?

Maybe I’m turning into a lich too, but the moment that the spoilt rich knight who had no doubt taken immense glee in murdering villagers in the previous villages got his comeuppance was particularly satisfying. He was asking others to be his shield so that he could escape, even offering to pay them money although what good would that do them? The Dead Knight seemed to relish the retribution he was handing out as he repeatedly stabbed him as he lay on the ground. Most other knights were sliced in two or sent flying by the Dead Knight’s shield so this seemed quite deliberate. Maybe, the Dead Knight retained some memories from the corpse it inhabited and they may have blamed this guy for their plight.

Overlord Episode 3 The Dead Knight attacks

Who was the most impactful character?

It was Albedo, but mostly because of how she contrasts Momonga. Let me explain. Watching Momonga wrestle with his own feelings and also trying to make Albedo do the same is a lot of fun. Her first instinct is to kill all the humans which we saw when she came through the portal and was ready to kill the two young girls. She took their unwillingness to accept the potion as a slight and was about to kill them again when Momonga stopped her. Even with her helmet on, I could see Albedo walking around scowling at every human as she chewed on her lip, desperate to say something or go on a rampage. However, Momonga realised that there was something to be gained from showing restraint and bringing Carne Village under his protection. His ability to think through the situations is something you’d expect from a leader.

Overlord Episode 3 Momonga stops Albedo from killing the humans

What have you learned?

Do not underestimate Momonga’s ability to turn any situation in his favour. This is a fantasy isekai story, however, much like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, there are some strong political themes. It’s especially interesting as Momonga quite clearly has a lot of power. Maybe it’s enough to take the world by force, but once he had it, keeping it would be tricky. He’s playing a longer game by being cautious and making decisions that might seem unnatural to someone of his stature, at least in the eyes of the Guardians. Surprisingly, in this sense, Momonga is also overpowered. His calm and considered nature, plus his experience from our world and the game have all come together to prepare him to build something truly incredible. However, unlike Rimuru, he’s not going to make friends with everyone.

Overlord Episode 3 Even Momonga knows Albedo is fuming

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