Ragna Crimson (Volume 3) – The Battle is Over

Ragna Crimson Volume 3 Cover

Crimson is busy making preparations for Ragna to fight Ultimatia. However, while Crimson convinces Golem and Chimera of the plan, Ragna bumps into Ultimatia and can’t let the opportunity pass. He attacks!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 3) – The Battle is Over

What happened?

They arrived in the capital city of Celesvieera, although Crimson had taken on a new form – Lady Veronica. She revealed that they would find a way into the castle where Ragna would face Ultimatia. Since they caused all that fuss with Disas Trois, Ultimatia had sent the second seat, Woltekamui to deal with that, it was their greatest opportunity to defeat her. However, Veronica needed to catch up with two more of her tools to ensure that nothing got in Ranga’s way. She found Golem trying to invite some girls to a hotel room while Chimera was lurking around, always within earshot of Crimson.

Ragna was having some trouble with the number of people in the capital so Veronica left him in an alley with Slime to watch over him. Then, there was a commission which intrigued Slime. He made Ragna take him to see what was going on. The guards revealed a number of dragon heads and used them to rally the crowds. That was when Ranga spotted Ultimatia. He tried to ignore her, although he desperately wanted to attack. Then, she engaged him in conversation, although Slime made it awkward, giving them a chance to slip away.

However, Ragna couldn’t let the opportunity slip. He ran back and attacked. First, taking out Nebulum, the fourth seat. Even with Ultimatia’s ability to control time, all she could do was rewind since Ragna kept killing her. Over and over again they continued. Ranga killed her, she rewound time. She tried to fight back, but Ragna was a match to anything and everything she could throw at him. Then, when she was on the edge of death, she played her trump card. She rewound the entire world and then froze Ragna and Slime the moment they first met. The battle was over before it started!

Ragna Crimson Volume 3 Ultimatia fights back against Ragna

What did you think?

There was a scene at the beginning of this volume that focused on future Ragna. The entire nation and all of the people had been erased from existence. The only person remaining was Ragna and he had been captured by the Superior Dragons. They argued about what to do with him, however, that ended when Ultimatia said that she wanted to make him into one of them. It turns out that all superior dragons were humans once and the dragons are a product of their blood. The last thing we saw before Ragna woke up from his memory/dream was Ultimatia stabbing him with something. Does this mean that future Ragna was actually a dragon? Is that how he acquired so much strength? That’s an interesting turn of events if it’s true.

I also really enjoyed the fight between Ragna and Ultimatia and felt that the end was the obvious outcome when fighting against someone with the ability to control time. My one little concern is how she was able to freeze Ragna and Slime after doing something that uses so much power that she could only use it as a last resort. I’m guessing she doesn’t have enough power to do anything other than talk and then flee, but I have to wait until the next book to find out how that goes. I will say, that I’m actually going off Crimson rather quickly. They were fascinating to begin with but now it’s getting boring. I liked it when they were a little more mysterious and less of a jerk!

Ragna Crimson Volume 3 Ultimatia turning Ragna

Volume highlights

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